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Embedded Racism: Japan's Visible Minorities and Racial Discrimination

  • Embedded Racism: Japan's Visible Minorities and Racial Discrimination
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  • Book IN APPROPRIATE: A novel of culture, kidnapping, and revenge in modern Japan
  • Letters from Mr Idubor part 4, with his answers to respondents on

    Posted by Dr. ARUDOU, Debito on February 25th, 2008

    Hi Blog. Here are more letters from Osayuwamen “Yuyu” Idubor, written in jail and passed to me over the past couple of weeks through his wife. The Idubor Case is where a Nigerian was sentenced last December to three years for rape despite no physical evidence, and flawed accuser testimony. He gives us his view on what happened in his own words. (Click here to see a picture of Yuyu and his lawyer’s cross-examination of the flawed testimony.)

    This is the fourth salvo of letters, with some answers after page 262 to respondents on If you want to start at the very beginning, click here. And if you’d like to go on to Part Five, click here.

    And if you want to support the Idubors, drop by his bar in Yokohama. Details on how to get there here. Arudou Debito in Sapporo

    PART FOUR ADDED FEB 23, 2008, PAGES 222 TO 262
    Page nr222.jpgPage nr223.jpgPage nr224.jpgPage nr225.jpgPage nr226.jpgPage nr227.jpgPage nr228.jpgPage nr229.jpgPage nr230.jpgPage nr231.jpgPage nr232.jpgPage nr233.jpgPage nr234.jpgPage nr235.jpgPage nr236.jpgPage nr237.jpgPage nr238.jpgPage nr239.jpgPage nr240.jpgPage nr241.jpgPage nr242.jpgPage nr243.jpgPage nr244.jpgPage nr245.jpgPage nr246.jpgPage nr247.jpgPage nr248.jpgPage nr249.jpgPage nr250.jpgPage nr251.jpgPage nr252.jpgPage nr253.jpgPage nr254.jpgPage nr255.jpgPage nr256.jpgPage nr257.jpgPage nr258.jpgPage nr259.jpgPage nr260.jpgPage nr261.jpgPage nr262.jpg

    5 Responses to “Letters from Mr Idubor part 4, with his answers to respondents on”

    1. Bryce Says:

      Shocking stuff. Could you point me in the direction of the judges summation? I know it’s on your site in Japanese somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.

    2. Chris Dunn Says:

      Please clarify something for me. After reading all of Yuyu’s letters something doesn’t add up. In his letters he refers to “F” and “C”. “F” is the nasty one appearing throughout but “C” was the one he was said to have raped in the bar while “F” was at her apartment. However you refer here,

      “What is the plaintiff’s relationship with Yuyu? It’s complicated, but
      she was the (former) girlfriend of a fellow Nigerian, who took a trip
      outside Japan and asked Yuyu to keep an eye on her. When he did, and it
      became clear that she had something going on the side, she sought
      revenge on Yuyu. She even intimated that she even had friends in the
      police. Again, read his side of the story at

      to the plaintiff as the person who had a grudge against Yuyu. In which case that would be the nasty “F” in Yuyu’s letters!!!!! As the newly arrived “C” is the one Yuyu was said to have raped not “F” you have either made a huge blunder representing “F” as the victim out for revenge who claimed she was raped or Yuyu doesn’t know who he was supposed to have raped!!! If you have made that mistake please admit it and correct your error . This is very important because if “F’s” motive was to destroy Yuyu, then she used her friend to do it. Her friend “C” went along and so could be charged with perjury and lying to police. Get Yuyu’s lawyers to tell “C” she would go to jail for lying in a court and she would crack eventually and admit everything. “F” is a hard case and would never crack. Idubor would be free and his name cleared.”C” was never in Yuyu’s life until the fateful night and would therefore have had no motivation to hurt Yuyu. “C” was apparently a student and if “F” promised her money or similar to lie, “C” would have been tempted for sure . Either that or Yuyu really is guilty and that I do not believe for a minute.

      –I wrote up my report based upon my notes of what I heard from Mrs. Idubor, before I got all of these letters from Yuyu. My report was passed by Mrs Idubor before posting on my blog, and approved by her after some corrections. Lucy is not a native speaker or reader of English. If there was a miscommunication of some sort, I apologize. In any case, take what Yuyu writes as the primary-source material. Debito

    3. Chris Dunn Says:

      Thanks for clarifying the situation. Correct and accurate facts are really the key to getting Idubor out of the slammer, not emotion. I can’t see any reason for him to not win his appeal after more impartial
      people look at the cold hard facts. I’m impressed by your apology because it seems at the moment there is a divergence of groups fighting the same causes but tripping over each others feet! United and concentrated efforts regardless of styles will really change things in this country. I am chilled by Idubor’s situation and want to see him free very badly. A confrontational posture gets so many people in trouble here. That is part of the reason Idubor was targeted by the police. Walk softly and carry a big stick is my approach. Facts must always come before the need for a good story.

    4. debito Says:

      Subject: volunteers wanted: how the Japanese justice system slaughters a foreigner
      Date: March 13, 2008 12:21:06 PM JST

      Dear Debito,

      I read Ibudor’s report in full and I decided to gather volunteers to
      type it off so that it can be easily indexed and found on the web. It
      would be nice if you could forward my request to the list:
      Dear everybody,

      I have recently finished reading a thrilling report from Japanese
      prison. It is 250 pages thick and it is from Ibudor, a man who was
      sentenced to three years of jail by a Japanese court despite absolute

      The report describes for example how
      – every Japanese can apparently have any foreigner arrested if he/she
      doesnt like the foreigner
      – Jap police tipped off a recycle shop owner owner who had robbed a
      foreigner’s warehouse and put the things on sale the next day in his shop
      – in a row of cars parking in a no-parking zone, the foreigner is the
      only one to get a ticket. When the drivers of the other cars get back,
      police even make way for them to get to their cars.
      – police and the Japanese justice system destroy, ignore and falsify

      The report is thrilling to read; it is not whiny or emotional at all,
      but very fact-oriented which makes the story even more frightening.
      Unfortunately, it is hand-written which prevents it from being indexed
      by net search engines and thusly blocks it from a larger audience.

      This is why I am looking for people who would each type 10 pages of the
      report into a word-file. That shouldnt take more than 40 or 50 minutes.
      Ibudor uses some special expressions, probably they are African English
      specific, e.g. he says “is” instead of “his” and often writes “his” when
      he means “is”. Please contact me (at neumann AT noiman DOT com) if you want to
      contribute, I will then assign you a paragraph to type.

      The report is here>

      neumann AT noiman DOT com

    5. Michael Says:

      I just read through the letters and I am really shocked about the Japanese system of Justice and police. I really hope the appeal at the Supreme Court will be accepted and set Idubor free again.

      When reading the letters I noticed that the name of the police interrogate was erased, probably for reasons of privacy. However it is still readable on pages 160,174 and 176.

      As dark an image as such a story projects on Japan, I am very glad that people like Mr. Debito (and many others) distort this image with very bright spots of light of hope :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your personal effort and love in this case :)


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