Film record of Debito in action negotiating with a “Japanese Only” establishment in Shinjuku: excerpt from documentary “Sour Strawberries” (2009)


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Hi Blog. As a follow-up to the previous blog entry, where I cited somebody who (ironically) accused me of dealing with people by “launch[ing] immediately into angry, confrontational accusations“, here’s an actual movie record of me in action.

This is part of a documentary by Daniel Kremers and Tilman Koenig named “Sour Strawberries: Japan’s Hidden Guest Workers” (2009), talking about how Japan’s NJ, as a labor force and a resident population, are being treated in Japanese society. It is an excellent film that touches upon many important subjects, and it can be previewed and purchased here.

I appear for about five minutes within negotiating with a “Japanese Only” establishment, one of the dozens upon dozens I have talked with over the years, to confirm the facts of each case (recorded for posterity at the Rogues’ Gallery of Exclusionary Establishments) and investigate the firmness of the exclusionary policy. See it for yourself:

Dr. ARUDOU, Debito

7 comments on “Film record of Debito in action negotiating with a “Japanese Only” establishment in Shinjuku: excerpt from documentary “Sour Strawberries” (2009)

  • Hmm, am I the only one getting a perpetually green screen with only audio?

    — Not me. Others have also reported being able to see it. Anyone else?

  • Fascinating video. I lived in Japan for a few years on JET, but never got good enough in Japanese to really have those kinds of conversations with people. It was always kind of a dream though.

    I’m kind of surprised you didn’t go in at the end after they gave you permission.

  • Excellent video, you really handled the situation very well. Respect.

    Incidentally Debito, can’t wait to buy your new book, when is it likely to be out?

    — Thanks. November.

  • A Man In Japan says:

    I’m also getting a green screen, on an imac with firefox.

    — Sorry. Try Safari.

  • I thought the encounter went well, and pretty amicably. I wonder, however, how it would have played out had there been no filming taking place.

    — My behavior would have been the same. That is how I do my research, and how I got enough data for a doctorate.

  • Speaking of doctorates… when is that getting published or uploaded to a dissertation database or a book? Really interested.

    — Book comes out in November. More soon.

  • Speaking of guest workers and their treatment, I was very excited to see this just now!

    「実習先の農家でセクハラを受けた」 技能実習「中国人女性」が実習先と監理団体を提訴
    弁護士ドットコム 6月26日(金)21時5分配信

    「実習先の農家でセクハラを受けた」 技能実習「中国人女性」が実習先と監理団体を提訴

















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