“Visible Minorities”: My first monthly column for the Shingetsu News Agency, Aug 19, 2019


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Hi Blog. Welcome back from a Summer Break. I’m pleased to announce that I have a new monthly column at the progressive Shingetsu News Agency, the only place left (following the rightward editorial shift at The Japan Times) offering independent journalism on Japan in Japan.

Here’s an excerpt, where I stake out what the column space will be about:


Visible Minorities: Debito’s New Column for the Shingetsu News Agency


My name is Debito Arudou (or Arudou Debito, if you prefer), that guy from Sapporo who started writing about Japan from the early 1990s on a long-dead mailing list called the Dead Fukuzawa Society. I wrote so much there that I decided to archive my writings on a webpage. Debito.org soon blossomed into an award-winning reference site on life and human rights in Japan, and later a platform for newspaper articles and fieldwork research on racial discrimination.

After moonlighting at places like the now-defunct Asahi Evening News and Japan Today, I began writing in 2002 a column for Japan Times, first under Zeit Gist and then Just Be Cause.

Decades later, here we are with a new monthly column at the Shingetsu News Agency, under the title Visible Minorities.

I chose this title for two reasons…


Read the rest at

Enjoy.  Let’s hit the last three months of this year running, and help reverse the tide of xenophobia that has swept liberal democracies worldwide.  Debito Arudou Ph.D.

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3 comments on ““Visible Minorities”: My first monthly column for the Shingetsu News Agency, Aug 19, 2019

  • Four months dude. We still have four months left!

    Good article – as usual Japan gets to shape its own story to suit its agenda. Most people worldwide, and at home, suck it up. It is worthwhile to point out the facts from time to time.

  • AnonymousOG says:

    I’m pleased to read Debito’s first article at SNA!

    I respect Shingetsu News Agency as I do Debito.

    SNA is indeed critical and independent journalism.

    Debito+SNA is a synergistic uniting we can support!

    And yes, though this post is succinct, this is really me. 😉

    Seriously: let’s fairly tip SNA’s patreon or Debito’s paypal. 🙂

    Honest article authors deserve a few coins for their integrity.

    — Thanks. But prioritize contributing to SNA more than Debito.org, of course. This is my hobby. SNA is Michael Penn’s living!

  • Hi Debito, it’s great that you are writing for the SNA and have escaped from the Japan Times! I have been reading your excellent articles for years and I am so glad you can now really express yourself freely on SNA. I look forward to many more years of your writings!


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