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    Posted by Dr. ARUDOU, Debito on September 1st, 2009

    Hi Blog.  Take a look at my column today in the Japan Times, where I make the case with historical context that McDonald’s Japan’s “Mr James” campaign is something that should be discontinued.  I’ll have the full text up here for comment here hopefully tomorrow for comment.

    Arudou Debito in southern Shikoku

    2 Responses to “Get Japan Times today: JUST BE CAUSE column on McDonald’s Japan “Mr James””

    1. snowman Says:

      truely superb article Debito!

    2. Mark Says:

      Well done, another excellent column! Let’s hope this campaign ends soon.

      Frankly, the whole “Japan All-Stars” campaign was ill-conceived. They obviously want Japanese customers to warm up to the idea of buying more burgers because they have some sort of Japanese touch. They could have done better with a sumo wrestler (not that it would be the best choice). Mr. James is wrong for too many reasons. I am not going in there as a customer anytime soon, except maybe to take photos of this faux pas.

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