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Embedded Racism: Japan's Visible Minorities and Racial Discrimination

  • Embedded Racism: Japan's Visible Minorities and Racial Discrimination
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  • Book IN APPROPRIATE: A novel of culture, kidnapping, and revenge in modern Japan
  • Idubor Case: Denied release, court decision due in two months!

    Posted by Dr. ARUDOU, Debito on October 19th, 2007

    Hi Blog. Update on the Idubor Case. (Background on this case here.)

    Just heard last night (Oct 20) from Osayuwamen Idubor’s wife about his latest court hearing (Oct 18).

    The judge will decide guilt or innocence on December 10 at 1:30PM, Yokohama District Court. That’s almost a year since he was incarcerated without a speedy trial.

    How nice. No material evidence of any crime committed, yet the defendant has to languish in jail (with deteriorating health, and still no access to doctors) for another two months! The prosecution is calling for him to be sentenced to five years. At this rate, he’ll do his time before even being declared guilty or innocent.

    I talked to his lawyer last night, October 20, 2007. He made it clear that he believes 1) that he’s getting special tough treatment due to the fact that he’s a foreigner (and of African extraction, at that), and 2) he’s been denied bail because he’s a foreigner (NJ present special “flight risks”, apparently, as they can leave the country… unlike, of course, the rooted-to-the-soil Japanese like Horie etc.). Even though, as another Ozzie lawyer I talked to last night made clear, a condition of his release could be the surrendering of his passport to the court, as happened in the OJ Simpson criminal suit, for example…

    More details in this blog entry as they come up. Arudou Debito in Sapporo.

    One Response to “Idubor Case: Denied release, court decision due in two months!”

    1. Jon Says:

      Do they not have bail in Japan. I would think a case like this in America the defendent would have been out on bail.

      I wonder what the statistics would show for identical crimes such as this between howoften Japanese are released and how often NJ are released for the same accusations?

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