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  • “Oy Whities! Get Fingerprinted!” parody poster by Kaoru

    Posted by Dr. ARUDOU, Debito on November 20th, 2007


    Courtesy of Kaoru:

    I knocked up a quick mock-poster illustrating the ludicrousy. This was just for my own amusement of course (especially the inclusion of Yu Kikumaru of the Red Army), but I figure there has to be a t-shirt idea in there somewhere!

    One Response to ““Oy Whities! Get Fingerprinted!” parody poster by Kaoru”

    1. Kaoru Says:

      Should probably mention this poster was in response to the rumour that naturalised citizens would also be fingerprinted. As there’s no differentiation in the passports, immigration would have to resort to racial profiling, i.e. fingerprinting anybody who doesn’t quite seem to fit the mold.

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