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PALE Journal (Winter 2003/2004)
Editor's Note, PALE: Origins and Current Direction, Dead End in the PUK Court Case, 2004 Update on the Kansai University Labour Dispute and Prosecution, Foreign teachers have a friend in Neo Yamashita . more >>

PALE Journal (Spring 2003)
Perspectives from inside the school system by Michael J. Matuschka, followed by Nihonjinron: Identity, Misconception and Controversy by Brent Poole
. more >>

PALE Journal (
Autumn 2002 )
Report on the General Union in Nishinomiya, update to the Kumamoto Kenritsudai case, the Kansai University Labor Dispute and Prosecution, and introducing the EWA Otemae case. more >>

PALE Journal (Summer 2002 )
Report on the Kansai University Labor Dispute and Prosecution. more >>

PALE Journal (Spring 2001)
Gregory Clark, updates to van Dresser, Gallagher, and Kumamoto, plus articles on part-time teaching resolutions, transplant US universities, and internet character assassination attempts.
more >>

PALE Journal (Spring 2000)
Protests re Privatization of National Universities; Updates to Gallagher, Kumamoto, and van Dresser Cases.
more >>

PALE Journal (Autumn 1999)
National Reverberations of Ninkisei Policy. International Consciousness towards the Issues Grows.
more >>

PALE Journal (4.1999)
The Kumamoto Kenritsu Daigaku Case Part 2; What the case means as a precedent.
more >>

PALE Journal (12.1998)
Kumamoto Prefectural University Case; The Employment Rights of Repeatedly-Renewed Private Sector Contract Workers.
more >>

PALE Journal (08.1998)
Gallagher Case at Asahikawa University Update, General Advice to Job-Hunting Non-Japanese Academics.
more >>

PALE Journal (04.1998)
Korst Case at University of the Ryuukyuus and why this case matters.
more >>


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