The Community
in the News

  1. Asahi Evening News on The Community's September 1999 Founding (October 3, 1999)
  2. Kyodo, IHT/Asahi, Saga Shinbun, et al on The Community's protest of NTT Docomo's 30,000 yen tariff on new foreign subscribers. (June-Sept 2002, English and Japanese)
  3. Japan Times on The Community's visit to NTT Docomo's Tokyo HQ, protesting the 30,000 yen foreign subscriber tariff. Column written by Arudou Debito, one Coordinator of The Community (Aug 29, 2002) (English)
  4. Asahi Shinbun Tokyo Bureau mentions The Community on Nakano Police posters on "bad-foreigner crimes". (October 1, 2002) (Japanese)
  5. Mainichi Shinbun Tokyo Bureau mentions The Community and Member Julian in an article on Nakano Police posters on "bad-foreigner crimes". (October 1, 2002) (Japanese)
  6. XENE Magazine on "The ABCs of Exaggerating Foreign Crime"gives many eye-opening observations about police reportage and press coverage which inaccurately and disproportionately portrays foreign criminality. It also mentions many sources made public by The Community (Oct-Dec 2002) (English)
  7. International Herald Tribune/Asahi Shinbun on exaggerated foreign crime, with comments from Community Coordinators and information from the Community Issues Page. (December 15, 2002, page 32) (English)
  8. "Celebrating Sealion 'Tama-chan's' newfound residency status"--though taxpaying foreigners cannot get juuminhyou (residency certificates) themselves. Information site by Coordinator Dave Gutteridge on a public celebration (dressing up like sealions and asking for a juuminhyou, Feb 22, 2003), a formal request for registration changes at Yokohama Nishi Ward (Feb 24, 2003), and the copious media coverage at
  9. u٠Ol^}żHvNewsweek Japan, March 5, 2003, page 13, "Periscope Section" blurb on Tama-chan Celebration (Japanese)

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