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Subject: POSITION: Japan URGENT 2 positions

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Subject: POSITION: Japan URGENT 2 positions

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RE: Two ESL/EFL teaching positions in Japan (beginning immediately):

Through a faculty connection between a University of Akron (Ohio)
professor and the Chair of the English Dept. and Director of
International Studies at Baikojogakuin University in Shimonoski
end of Honshu), I have been asked to distribute the following job
announcements to ESL/EFL teachers through TESLJB-L. The jobs were to
begin Sept. 1, but they have not yet been filled. The requirements and
terms of employment are described below.

If you would be willing and able to relocate immediately, please email
[NB: No email address included]

(1) a short 'cover letter' which explains your interest in the position
and your relevant experience, qualifications, etc.

(2) your CV. Send it in a simple text format in the body of the email
message (no attachments).

In the Subject line, write "Japan HS" (for the high school position),
"Japan UNIV" (for the university position).

If you have questions about the positions, please email me and in the
Subject line, write "Japan position question." I will forward your
questions to those who can answer them.

The following job descriptions are from the Chair of the Search
Committee in Japan:

Two teachers are needed. One is to teach English at our High School,
and the other is to teach English at our University. The assignment to
the teaching position for both teachers are for 23 months from September
1, 1999 (will be adjusted) to July 31, 2001.
They are scheduled
to begin teaching in September. The high school teacher must have a
BA degree in TEASL [sic] or English, and the University teacher must have a MA
degree in TEASL or English. TEASL is preferable, though English is

The terms of employment for the High School teacher is roughly as
(1) The teacher is to teach elementary conversational English both
at the Junior and Senior High School.
(2) Working hours is eight hours from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and the
maximum teaching time is 18 hours a week. (Recess for lunch is 45
(3) The salary is \275,000 a month.
(4) The furnished apartment is provided (free of charge for rent).
(5) One way airline fare is paid by the school.
(6) Income tax to the Government of Japan and the US is exempted.
(7) The health care insurance with good coverage is available with a
reasonable amount of premium.

The terms of employment for the University teacher is roughly as
(1) The teacher is to teach English conversation, composition,
speech, and guidance for the maximum time of 18 hours a week.
(2) The salary is \302,500 a month.
(3) All other terms are the same as for the High School teacher."

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