(Courtesy Job Information Center section of JALT's The Language Teacher, October 2000, page 57)

TOKYO-TO--The Faculty of Economics at Daito Bunka University is seeking two English-speaking contract lecturers to begin in April 2001. QUALIFICATIONS: MA in TEFL, TESL, economics, or related area. DUTIES: five-day attendance in office (mainly on Higashimatsuyama campus in Saitama) per week. Teach eight 90-minute English lessons per week. Assist with testing and English curriculum planning. Advise on exchange programs. Other engagements related to English teaching. SALARY & BENEFITS: Gross annual salary between 3,500,000-4,400,000 yen, depending on experience and education, with annual salary increase expected. Japanese health insurance. Two-year contract with two one-year extensions possible. APPLICATION MATERIALS: Resume, publications, reference(s), photo, cover letter... DEADLINE: October 31, 2000. CONTACT: Norio YOshida, Dean, faculty of Economics, 1-9-1 Takashimadaira, Itabashi, Tokyo....

COMMENT FROM BLACKLIST MANAGER: Eight classes is a pretty hefty workload, above average for a Japanese full-timer, so one would think the candidate would deserve more than a contract. Especially not one capped at two one-year renewals. Contracts capped at all are the exception, not the norm, and are in fact discouraged by The Ministry of Education. Finally, given how low these salaries are (see Osaka/Kansai area 1998 scale of university salaries at http://www.debito.org/PALEautumn99.html#salaryscales --they're below the lowest end of all the universities, and remember that Osaka generally has lower salaries than Tokyo; no mention of a bonus, either), they don't seem to be valuing experience and education all that highly.