Announcement of two openings for non-tenure instructors
Department of English Language and Culture
Fuji Women's College, Sapporo, Japan

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(1) Areas Required
 Communication, or Regional Studies in English-speaking countries
 (e.g. American Studies, British Studies, etc.)

(2) Responsibilities
 Teaching classes related to areas required, and oral English; a maximum
 of four 90-minute classes per week (Interaction with students during
 office hours is mandatory for the equivalent of total class hours)

(3) Salary and Benefits
  Salary: a maximum of \250,000 per month, plus a maximum of
    \60,000 for student guidance during office hours;
    \100,000 bonuses twice a year
  Benefits: commuting stipend available for Sapporo area residents;
    eligible for membership in Mutual Aid Association of Private School

(4) Qualifications
  A native speaker of English
  M.A. or Ph.D. in the areas required

(5) Contract Terms
  For two years, beginning April 1, 2001

(6) Documents for Submission
  (a)Curriculum Vitae(photograph attached)
  (b)A list of research publications
  (c)A copy of one chief academic paper
  (d)A short description of teaching and research interest
  (e)A photocopy of M.A. or Ph.D. certificate

(7) Application Deadline
  January 31, 2001

All materials should be sent to:
  Department of English Language and Culture, Fuji Women's College,
    North 16 West 2, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 001-0016 Japan
    Send by registered mail and mark on the front of the envelope, in red
    ink, "Job Application Materials"

All enquiries should be made to:
  Department of English Language and Culture, Fuji Women's College
    FAX: 011-709-8541 (General Affairs Office)
   (The college is closed from Dec. 23 to Jan. 8 for winter recess)

The applicant will be notified of the screening result by Feb. 28, 2001.

Successful candidates will be interviewed. We regret that the submitted materials cannot be returned.