Council for Cities of Non-Japanese Residents
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ENGLISH: This page is in aid of a press conference, given at Otaru City Hall's Press Club, on December 26, 2001. It contains several notable reference materials which demonstrate that when a regional government in Japan is prodded enough by events (such as the local Ana Bortz Lawsuit Victory in 1999), it can ultimately lead to constructive action by legislative and administrative officials at all levels of government.

BRIEF BACKGROUND: On October 19, 2001, Hamamatsu City hosted a meeting with mayors of twelve other local cities in and around Shizuoka Prefecture, where a joint declaration was signed establishing the "Council for Cities of Non-Japanese Residents" (Arudou Debito's unofficial translation of "Gaikokujin Shuujuu Toshi Kaigi"). This declaration, entitled the "Hamamatsu Sengen", offers several proposals for reforms and systems relating to education, social security, and alien registration (see below).

This was formally presented by Hamamatsu City Mayor Kitawaki to national-level bureaucrats in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo, on November 30, 2001. This policy push, concerning issues of protecting non-Japanese residents, is probably the first by a city legislative official to the national government, and as such is a step in the right direction.

EFFECTS: On December 26, 2001, these materials will be formally presented to Otaru City, a place which has seen overt discrimination against non-Japanese since 1994 yet still takes ineffective measures against it. This in hopes that the city government will find some inspiration and impetus to start taking similar administrative steps to resolve the situation.

In sum, if Hamamatsu can do all this, why can't Otaru?

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--Arudou Debito, One Plaintiff
in the
Lawsuit against Otaru City and Onsen Yunohana

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有道 出人


The Hamamatsu Sengen

Proposal Pages in Japanese with brief English Translation


Excerpts from the Pamphlet on the Hamamatsu International Symposium (Japanese jpgs)
October 19-20, 2001, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
(With data on proportions of non-Japanese residents in selected cities, all far above the national average; one town in Gunma Prefecture with almost 15% of its entire population foreign!)

Newspaper Articles on the "Council for Cities of Non-Japanese Residents" (Japanese jpgs)

中日新聞平成13年12月1日、pg 38)

Newspaper Article on Hamamatsu Mayor Kitawaki meeting with the National Government in Tokyo, formally presenting the Hamamatsu Sengen to the national bureaucracy. (Chuunichi Shinbun Dec 1, 2001, page 38, Japanese jpg)

International Information published by Hamamatsu City

「浜松市 世界都市化ビジョン 技術と文化の世界都市・浜松へ」(01年9月出版)
表紙、目次 (Japanese, English and Portuguese)

Hamamatsu City Global Vision Handbook (Excerpts) (Published Sept 2001)
Cover Page, Table of Contents (Japanese, English and Portuguese)

(ポルトガル語の表紙、目次 one, two
(英語の表紙、目次 one, two

"Living in Hamamatsu--A Guide Book" (Excerpts) (Published March 2001)
(Cover, table of contents one and two in Portuguese)
(Cover, table of contents one and two in English)

Who to contact in Hamamatsu on this:

If Hamamatsu can do all this, why can't Otaru?

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