(Courtesy Job Information Center section of JALT's The Language Teacher, November 2000, page 63)

ISHIKAWA-KEN--Hokuriku Gakuin Junior College, a Christian college in Kanazwa, is seeking candidates for a full-time EFL teaching position to begin April 2001. QUALIFICATIONS native-speaker competency in North American English, MA in TESL/TEFL, applied linguistics, or related field. Two years experience in TESL/TEFL at the college level in Japan. Basic computer skills and musical ability are also desirable. DUTIES: Teach 15 to 18 45-minute classes per week. In addition to teaching courses such as conversation and composition, teachers help with department events, serve on committees, and perform assigned administrative duties. Teachers are also occasionally expected to help teach classes at related instiutions (kindergartens, etc). Working hours are typically 8:15 to 4:35. SALARY & BENEFITS: one-year contract renewable subject to performance and budget. Salary is based on Japnaese faculty scale. Housing, return airfare to home country upon completion of contract, subsidized health/dental insurance, paid holidays, completion bonus, travel allowance paid vacation, relocation allowance and research allowance are provided. APPLICATION MATERIALS: CV/Resume, letter of introduction including information about what the Christian faith means to the application and why they want to work at a Christian college. Photo, and three letters of recommendation. CONTACT: Marie Clapsaddle, Hokuriku Gakuin Junior College, 11 Mitsukojimachi, Kanazwa-shi, Ishikawa-ken 920-1396...

COMMENT FROM BLACKLIST MANAGER: With all this qualification necessary (and why specifically North American English? There are plenty of Englishes out there equally worthy of instruction), one would think the full-time faculty member would deserve more than a one-year contract, and especially not one potentially fait-accompli-capped by budgetary constraints from the outset. Moreover, I've never seen such a workload, and for an unclear salary! I know of no Japanese full-timer who would settle for conditions like these.