Kobe Shinwa Women's University


UNIVERSITY seeks native English speaker (under 40) for the position of Special Foreign Language Lecturer of English, beginning 1 April 2000.

Master's degree or above in Teaching English as a Second Language or Applied Linguistics to teach courses in English communication, etc. One year contract with renewals. Salary 4.62 million yen p.a.

Application with CV, copies of final academic degrees, a list of all publications and/or achievements, a short essay on teaching English as a Second Language (approximately two double-spaced pages), and two academic references (under separate cover), by 30 June 1999 to:

Professor Norio Suzuki, Department of English and American Studies, Kobe Shinwa Women's University, 7-13-1 Suzurandai, Kita-machi, Kita-ku, Kobe 651-1111. Inquiries in writing or by email. FAX 078-591-3113. Email: seoo@kobe-shinwa.ac.jp

(Courtesy JAPAN TIMES Classifieds, Monday, May 24, 1999, page 15). Click here to see it.)


One-year contracts are no different than part-time work in terms of job security, despite apparently full-time work requirements. No mention of how many classes involved or employment duration limitations (if any), which should be stated under Ministry of Education directive. And the job status, "Special Foreign Language Lecturer of English", sounds like a transliteration of "Tokubetsu Gaikoujin/Gaikokugo Kyoushi", a similar job status to that which caused labor abuses down in the Prefectural University of Kumamoto (click http://www.kumagaku.ac.jp/teacher/~masden/mamorukai/english/Ehome.htm to see more on this case).

For the qualifications required, a one-year contract and this low salary are highly problematic. To see more about salary scales for the Kansai area for 1998, go to http://www.debito.org/PALEautumn99.html#salaryscales