(Kyoto Kougei Sen'i Daigaku)
Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Textile Science)
(From JALT's The Language Teacher Magazine, December 2001, p. 47)

Kyoto--The Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Textile Science at Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT--a national university) invites applications for a position starting April 1, 2002.

Position: Professor or Associate Professor

Qualifications: PhD or equivalent degree; experience teaching English at university level with emphasis on practical English in an engineering-oriented university; publications in a field of research related to English linguistics; teaching experience in English, scientific/engineering English, or international communications. Candidates with the prospect of receiving a PhD will also be considered.

Duties: Teach English communication, English reading/writing, and others including evening courses, as well as courses on international information on chemistry and material sciences in cooperation with the Science and Engineering Faculty. Teacher is also responsible for graduate school seminars in international communications in Polymer Science and Engineering, along with others in cooperation with the Science and Engineering Faculty.

Salary: commensurate with experience, age, and Japanese national university standards. If the selected candidate is not a Japanese national, the term of employment is three years with expension possible given mutual consent (extension is not guaranteed).

Other: Employment begins on April 1, 2002. Since Kyoto Institute of Technology is a national university, the selected candidate shall be employed as a national public official. Therefore, the selected candidate shall be bound by the same national public-service regulations as are applied to the Japanese educational service personnel. Candidates may be asked to pay their own expense for an interview.

Application Materials: curriculum vitae; list of publication grouped into (1) books, (2) original papers, (3) reviews etc with brief explanation of each; reprints (or copies) of every publication listed above; short essay stating professional (teaching and research) background and future educational and research plans (500-600 words). Additional material might be requested during the process of selection.

Deadline: Application materials should arrive no later than December 11, 2001.

Contact: Mr Tanaka Nobuo, Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Textile Science, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Matsugasaki, Sakyo, Kyoto 605-8585, Japan. T: 81-(0)75-724-7809, email

Other requirements: Label envelope: "Application for English teaching position, Polymer Science and Technology", and send to Prof. Tanaka Nobuo at the above address.


KIT wants a surprising amount of specialized qualifications and materials for such a short-term position. Why are foreign PhDs not good enough for tenure like the rest of the Japanese faculty?

And why so many excuses about the school being a national university? Foreigners are clearly employable at whatever status the university itself determines, tenure or not, clearly under the Sentaku Ninkisei Hou of 1997--so this is immaterial. These repeated statements are pretenses by KIT to justify temporary employment systems only for non-Japanese. Note that this fact has been conveniently omitted from the English advertisement above, whereas according to an original Japanese KIT job ad for the same position (see below), it is clear (item 13) that only foreigners will get "ninki", or contracted term-limited employment status. Don't fall for it.

(Kyoto Kougei Sen'i Daigaku)
Downloaded July 9, 2002


1.募集人員    助教授または講師1名

2.所属      機械システム工学科・数理応用システム学講座

3.教育研究分野  応用言語情報学

4.専門分野    英語学、英文学、(応用)言語学、英語教育学

5.講義担当予定  イングリッシュ・コミュニケーション、イングリッシュ・アクィジション、科目 コンプリヘンシブ・イングリッシュ等

6.応募資格    博士の学位を取得、あるいは取得見込み、または、博士と同等の業績を有する人であり、かつ大学における英語教育に実績のある人。英語教育・研究に意欲的に取り組める人。また、工業技術英語、科学英語にも関心のある人が望ましい。教育、研究、業務にたずさわるために十分な日本語能力を有するネイティブ・スピーカー、あるいはネイティブ・スピーカーに近い英語能力を有する日本人。およそ30歳から50歳ぐらいまでの人。なお、大学院博士後期課程の教育と研究にも従事できる人が望ましい。また、連絡の都合上、11月1日以後日本にいること。

7.提出書類    履歴書(写真貼付)、研究業績リスト(著書、学術論文、その他とし、各々に短い説明を付すこと)、業績の別刷またはコピー5編まで(各3部)、これまでの研究経過と今後の教育と研究に関する抱負(英語1000語程度)、推薦状を依頼できる2名の氏名と連絡先。 なお、情況によって追加資料を求めることもある。

8.公募方法    一般公募

9.公募締切    2002年10月31日(必着)

10.着任予定    2003年4月1日

11.問合わせ先   〒606ー8585京都市左京区松ヶ崎御所海道町
          学科長 曽根 彰

12.応募書類    〒606ー8585京都市左京区松ヶ崎御所海道町

  提出先 京都工芸繊維大学工芸学部機械システム工学科 学科長 曽根 彰
(なお、提出書類は、封筒に「応用言語情報学分野教官応募書類」と 朱記し、簡易書留にて郵送のこと。)

13.任期     外国人教員採用の場合は、本学における任用に関する規程による。