NOTE FROM BLACKLIST MONITOR: This university is offering full-time one-year contracts (specifically delineated as "Foreign Language Contract Lecturer", limited to "native speakers of English") capped at two renewals (violating Ministry of Education guidelines against capping contracts).  The job not only requires a heavy workload of 10 classes per week, plus "contributions towards the development of the program and carry out other administrative duties as requested" (whatever that could mysteriously entail), but also "sufficient proficiency in Japanese to deal with the administrative staff without assistance".  If the university wants a candidate of this quality and dedication, it should offer more job stability. --Arudou Debito, Blacklist Moderator


Data item number    D106080461
Date of publication    2006/08/10
Title    Contract English Instructor
Outline    The university seeks an instructor for its general English education program. In addition to teaching 10 classes per week, successful candidates will be expected to contribute towards the development of the program and carry out other administrative duties as requested.
Institution    Kyoto Sangyo University
Department    General Education Center
Type of institution    Private university
Location    603-8555 Kyoto Kamigamo-Motoyama, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi
District    Kinki district
Job title    Foreign language contract lecturer
Rank    full-time
Term of office    With the term of office One year contract, renewable twice.
Number of positions    1
Research field    Human Science ESL/EFL
(1) Native speakers of English with sufficient proficiency in Japanese to deal with the administrative staff without assistance.
(2) Masters Degree or higher in English education or related field, preferably with a certificate in TESL
(3) Experience teaching with CALL
(4) At least two years experience teaching in a Japanese high school or university
Deadline for applications    2006/08/10 - 2006/09/20 by 4:30pm
Starting date    2007/04/01
Application materials    (1) Curriculum Vitae including list of publications (Use the form supplied by the university in Japanese. You will need a computer with Kanji fonts to download it properly. The form must also be filled out in Japanese.)
(2) A copy of your diplomas
(3) 1 copy of a recent publication. (Single-authored and recent papers preferable)
(4) Contact details for two references (Name, affiliation, status, e-mail or other contact information)

Address for submissions
Kojima Kazuo, Manager
General Education Center
Kyoto Sangyo University
Kamigamo-Motoyama, Kita-ku,
Kyoto 603-8555

On the envelope in red ink write 'Application for Contract English  Instructor' and send by registered mail 'Kan-i Kakitome')
Selection process    Shortlisted candidates will be asked to an interview and to present briefly their recent research activities. Travel expenses must be borne by the candidate.
Notification of decision    Applicants will be directly
notified once the process has been completed.
Contact address    603-8555 Kyoto Kamigamo-Motoyama, Kita-ku,Kyoto-shi
Position of contact person    Chair, English Curriculum
Committee Contact person    KAWAGOE Itsue
TEL    --
FAX    --
Attached files    D106080461-01.doc D106080461-02.doc
Additional information    (1) Annual salary will be 6,600,000yen. Commutation expenses and a research allowance of 200,000 yen shall be paid separately.

(2) Contracts will not be renewed once the candidate has reached age 65.
(3) Subjects to be taught will include Oral Communication, content-based and CALL courses.
(4) Application materials will not be returned unless the applicant requests the same and encloses a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage.