(Courtesy Job Information Center section of JALT's The Language Teacher, April 2000, page 36)

FUKUOKA-KEN--The Kyushu Institute of Technology, Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering in Iizuka-Shi invites applications for a full-time associate professor of English to begin in October 2000. QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants should have native-speaker competency in English and an MA or higher in pedagogy or a cosely related field. Preferences will be given to candidates with strong experience in TESOL or foreign language education, course development, testing analysis and evaluation, and/or eduational statistics, experience and/or interest in teacher training and/or educational technology and its application to foreign language education. The ability to carry on daily conversations with Japnese colleges and teach humanities courses in the Japanese langage are highly desirable. DUTIES: Teach four 90 minute English courses and one humanitiies course related to his or specialty field per week to engineering students, conduct research, perform administrative duties, and work collaboratively with university faculty. SALARY & BENEFITS: The successful candidate will be provided the same salary and benefits as Japnese coutnerparts, based on the Ministry of Education scale. One-time relocation expenses will be partially reimbursed by the Institute. Contract term is for three years, renewable depending on job performance. APPLICATION MATERIALS: Complete resume, copies of degree certificates, graduate and undergraduate transcripts, a list of publications including three major publications, verification of past employment, a short description of teaching and research interests, and three letters of recommendation. DEADLINE: April 30, 2000. CONTACT: Mariko Goto, Department of Human Sciences, Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Englineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology, 690-4 Kawazu, Iizuka, Fukuoka-ken 820-8502...

COMMENT FROM BLACKLIST MANAGER: With all this qualification necessary (what a list of preferences--and three major publications?!), one would think the candidate would deserve more than a three-year contract. The duties are definitely those of a tenured post.