(Courtesy Job Information Center section of JALT's The Language Teacher, September 2000, page 61)

AICHI-KEN--The Department of British and American Studies of Nanzan University is seeking a full-time associate instructor in the English language to begin April 1, 2001. QUALIFICATIONS: MA in English teaching or a related field, native-speaker competency in English, teaching experience at the university level, publcations preferred. DUTIES: Teach nine 90 minute classes per week ; may be required to coordinate departmental programs; expected to participate in department activities and committees: duties regarding the university entrance exams. SALARY & BENEFITS: two-year contract with one two-year renewal possible; salary based on experience and qualifications and determined according to university regulations APPLICATION MATERIALS: Resume with addresses and phone numbers of two references. Copy of graduate degree transcript. 500 word essay that outlines teaching philosophy. DEADLINE: Ongoing until filled. CONTACT: Professor Sasaki Tsuyoshi, Chairperson, Eibei Gakka, Nanzan University, 18 Yamazato-cho, Shouwa-ku, Nagoya 466-8673

COMMENT FROM BLACKLIST MANAGER: With all this qualification and departmental duty necessary, one would think the candidate would deserve more than a contract, and especially not one capped at a single renewal. Contracts capped at all are the exception, not the norm, and are in fact discouraged by The Ministry of Education. Nine classes per week is more than the average number a Japanese professor would have to teach. In my opinion, this is a dead-end job with an exhausting schedule, and not even a mention of a salary level for all this trouble.