Daigaku Shingikai Report

This is a historical report from the University Deliberation Council which suggests that all full-time faculty, now foreign but eventually Japanese, in all types of universities, should be put on contract employment.

Pertinent pages of the Daigaku Shingikai Report, November, 1995 (indicating that foreign teachers in both public and private institutions should be hired only temporarily) are jpegged here. I scanned these pretty low-res so they'll download faster. If you have trouble reading, please email me and I'll rescan them. It is important that this sort of information becomes more a matter of public record, so please feel free to link, download, or repost elsewhere.

If, after reading the table of contents, you decide that you want more info about particular pages, email me and I'll promptly scan and web them.

第4期大学審議会答申 報告集 平成7年11月

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