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#0021 - Niigata-ken

Job Description: Keiwa College, a four-year co-educational Liberal Arts college with departments
in English and International Cultural Studies, is seeking a full-time visiting instructor beginning April, 2003 for a one-year contract, renewable up to 3 years - 2 year commitment preferred.

Job Details: Qualifications: MA TESL or related field, or Certificate in TESL/ESL. Teaching
experience in intensive programs or at high school/college level a plus. This is an ideal position for
those relatively new to the field and eager to expand on their teaching experiences. Duties: Teach
university-level English language classes in a skills-based coordinated curriculum; up to 20
teaching hours per week
, 7 months a year; participation in teacher meetings; involvement in
course design and curriculum development. Salary & Benefits: starting at 270,000 per month, 12
months a year; subsidized furnished apartment near campus, shared office space with Internet
access; health insurance. Transportation and shipping expenses to Niigata will be provided.
Part-time additional work is available as evening classes at the college etc. Application Materials:
cover letter, resume highlighting teaching experience, copy of degree/diploma, 3 letters of reference. No e-mail applications please.

Deadline: November 15, 2002

Contact Details: Joy Williams, Coordinator, English Language Program, Keiwa College, 1270 Tomizuka, Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan 957-8585.



(the following message was received five times between June 17 and 19, 2003)

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Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 12:40:38 +0900
Subject: black list correction
From: James Brown <jbbrown@keiwa-c.ac.jp>
To: <debito@debito.org>
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Dear Mr. Arudou,
I noticed that you have put Keiwa College on your blacklist of colleges
which have unfair hiring practices. Nothing could be further from the
truth, as we have four full-time (hired in the same way as Japanese faculty)
foreign professors at our school, including one Chinese woman who specialty
is economics (not Chinese language).

The positions that you seem to take issue with are for young, upcoming new
teachers who are trying to gain valuable experience at the foreign-college
level. These are not intended to be tenure-track positions as we hire in a
different way for them. They offer conditions that are not out of line with
similar entry-level positions in the conversation school market.

Please remove our school from your blacklist and check your data more
accurately. It is not fair to libel a college due to a lack of careful
James B. Brown
Keiwa College
International Affairs

(the following message was received three times on June 23, 2003, including one message sent to a friend and forwarded to me)

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From: jbbrown@keiwa-c.ac.jp
To: debito@debito.org
subject: Further _questions
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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 12:19:17 +0900
Status: RO

Name=James B. Brown


comments=I am trying to contact Debito to get him to change a blacklisting that is incorrect and unfair. I have sent him e-mail messages repeatedly, but there is no response.
My message is about Keiwa College in Shibata, Niigata Prefecture. The college does not discriminate against foreigners and should not be on any blacklist. Debito should check his information before he libels a school on the web. He should contact the schools to verify his information first.

(the following message was received ten times on July 1, 2003)

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Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 12:37:43 +0900
Subject: Keiwa College (for the umpteenth time)
From: James Brown <jbbrown@keiwa-c.ac.jp>
To: <debito@debito.org>
Mime-version: 1.0

Dear Sir:
The information about Keiwa College on your blacklist of universities is

To the Universities: I have nothing personal against any institution, and
will gladly remove a Blacklisted university, even move it to the Greenlist,
upon receiving sufficient evidence of systemwide equal treatment of hired
academics regardless of nationality. Quantifiable changes include:

1) Abolishing BOTH the gaikokujin kyoushi and gaikokujin kyouin systems at
your school.
We do not have these positions at Keiwa College.

2) Establishing a clear system of tenure review for non-citizen faculty,
with a clear time period and objective evaluative criteria recorded on paper
(not via, say, patronage or sychophancy of the gakuchou).
Foreigners are hired as full-time, tenured faculty from the first day (I am
one of them).

3) Granting tenure to current non-Japanese upon first hiring, or retroactive
to current service. Quite simply, universities with full-time non-Japanese
faculty should hire them the same as regular full-time Japanese faculty.
See 2 above.

Your lack of responsiveness to these many e-mails that I have sent you about
this issue is a problem. Please take the appropriate action as soon as
possible and remove Keiwa College from your list.
James Brown
Keiwa College

(the following message was received four times again on July 1, 2003)

Delivered-To: debito.org-debito@debito.org
From: jbbrown@keiwa-c.ac.jp
To: debito@debito.org
subject: Further _questions
MIME-Version: 1.0
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 12:43:55 +0900

Name=James B. Brown


Since Debito is too busy promoting himself to respond to complaints about his blacklist, I am writing to you.
He has listed Keiwa College on his blacklist. His listing of our school is completely erroneous and unfair.
Please tell him to remove our school from that list or to contact me if he has questions (He should have bothered to ask someone BEFORE putting us on the list, but he is busy promoting himself, so these things happen).
James Brown
Keiwa College

(July 1, 2003)

Due to the mailings above received from Keiwa College, I have chosen not to respond directly to Mr Brown, as the tone and the frequency of the mailings do not indicate that I would be dealing with a reasonable person, one with a sense of professionality when speaking on behalf of his institution. (As Blacklist Monitor, I apologize for the delay in response--due in part to business trips--but this does not justify a bombardment of my and other unrelated persons' mailboxes.)

However, the information above does not warrant Keiwa College's removal from the Blacklist. Despite claiming the listing of the school is "completely erroneous", even Mr Brown indicates that the job announcement (which Keiwa College itself made public and is responsible for the contents) is accurate. There are contracted positions for foreigners at Keiwa College, where those foreigners are hired, as Mr Brown himself puts it, "in a different way"--and moreover on contracts capped at three years (which goes against Ministry of Education guidelines). This means the institution qualifies for Blacklisting.

As I have responded to other institutions concerning the Blacklist, claims that this type of job position provides opportunities for foreign visiting scholars (whether or not the positions are actually called "gaikokujin kyoushi" or "-kyouin" is moot) are missing the point. Many other Japanese institutions also make the same claim, effectively relegating all foreign faculty to "visiting professorships" regardless of the educator's qualifications. Also unclear above is if these positions are also open to Japanese educators, which would further clarify whether or not the position is determined by nationality.

Still, according to Mr Brown, there are also apparently other foreign faculty granted tenure at Keiwa College. Given the tenacity of his emails on the subject, I assume Mr Brown is willing to be cited as the primary source that Keiwa College also tenurizes foreigners. Therefore, I will put Keiwa College on the Greenlist. However, as long as these contracted (moreover capped) positions exist at said institution, Keiwa College will also remain up on the Blacklist. If Mr Brown is unwilling to be cited as the primary source, he is welcome to respond (as a single email, please) saying so, and I will remove Keiwa College from the Greenlist.

--Arudou Debito, Monitor
Blacklist and Greenlist of Japanese Universities


Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 15:02:48 -0600
From: "David P. Agnew" <agnew@ewaosaka.org>
Subject: Re: [PALE] Digest Number 11
To: pale_group@yahoogroups.com
Cc: jbbrown@keiwa-c.ac.jp, debito@debito.org, ewa <info@ewaosaka.org>,David Agnew <agnew@ewaosaka.org>

Re: Keiwa College, the Blacklist and Mr. Brown

It is clear from Mr. Brown's messages that he feels strongly about
Keiwa College being included on the Blacklist, but his resorting to
personal attacks simply because an immediate response was not
forthcoming surely takes him out of the realm of reasonable debate.
Debito is a busy man with several projects and passions on his plate
and summer holidays have started to boot... show a little professional
courtesy, please!

However, the fact that non-Japanese teachers in Japan have written to
Debito in defence of overtly discriminatory hiring and promotional
policies at universities and colleges (previously TD of
Doshisha University
and now James Brown of Keiwa College) certainly
deserves closer inspection. Why do they feel so driven to legitimate
suspect policies? Do they choose to do so without the urging of the
offending institutions or are their actions an orchestrated attempt at
damage control and misinformation?

Arguing in favour of contract renewal caps for foreign "visiting"
teachers when one doesn't face such limitations borders on hypocrisy.
Japanese don't face such limitations. Even if they themselves face caps
based on their nationality, these men may simply be unaware that
promotion of such double standards is unacceptable to their peers and
that the policies themselves are clear violations of Japanese labour
law, particularly in regard to Article 3 of the Labor Standards Law:

"An employer shall not engage in discriminatory treatment with respect
to wages, working hours or other working conditions by reason of the
nationality, creed or social status of any worker. A person who has
violated the provisions of Article 3 shall be sentenced to penal
servitude of not more than 6 months or to a fine of not more than 300,000 Yen."
(Article 119)

These laws are relevant even if an institution also hires foreign
workers in a tenure track capacity. Trying to justify such wrongdoing
in this way is quite pathetic.

I urge Mr. Brown, and other would-be apologists of unfair hiring and
promotional policies at Japanese universities, to have a read of the
PALE Journal and the archives contained therein and also to have a
periodic check of the EWA site so as to be better informed of the
debate surrounding the issue of foreign academics being treated
differently based on their nationality.



David P. Agnew, M.Ed.

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Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 20:18:59 -0600
From: "David P. Agnew" <agnew@ewaosaka.org>
Subject: Re: [PALE] Digest Number 11
To: James Brown <jbbrown@keiwa-c.ac.jp>
Cc: debito@debito.org

On Tuesday, Jul 1, 2003, at 19:27 Canada/Mountain, James Brown wrote:

> I have been writing Debito about this for 3 weeks. The blacklisting
> (without proper checking) has been on there for who knows how long?
> The
> issue was brought to my attention by another teacher here at Keiwa
> College
> who wrote him a month ago without response. We are all busy, so I am
> afraid
> that Debito's busyness is a lame excuse -- especially when I didn't
> hear
> about it from him. He could spend about 10 seconds to simply say, "I
> received your message. I will look into it." What more does one need
> to do
> to be polite about something as serious as an erroneous blacklisting?

Dear James,

Thanks for your response. We understand how you feel and what you have
written, but please don't harass people just because they don't do
things the way you want or when you want, particularly by making
personal comments about anyone associated with the lists as this makes
you appear very immature. You have made your point and Debito will
respond when and if he sees fit, although the content of your messages
might not allow for this. For the time being, please note that your
messages have been webbed for public viewing at the following URL:


Keiwa is listed on the Blacklist and it is now also on the Greenlist
for the reasons noted on both lists. It is certainly not the biggest
fish on either list and the issues covered there are much bigger. If
you want to have a public debate on this issue, I urge you to join the
following discussion list:


PALE has a discussion mailing list so that people can be updated and
contribute in real time. To subscribe, send a message to
PALE_Group-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and to post messages to the list,
email PALE_Group@yahoogroups.com. Message archives are available at
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However, if your messages continue to be of a personal nature, I
daresay that you will probably end up debating yourself. In the same
vein, we should not continue this discussion in private...see you on
the PALE list.

David P. Agnew, M.Ed.