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Subject: Media Update 3/28/01 on Otaru Lawsuit

Hello All:


1) OCTOBER 31, 2000 of Arudou Debito's Halloween entry refusal at Onsen
Yunohana, for Real Audio players (free download from our site) at
(Japanese Only, ahem)

2) FEBRUARY 22, 2001: Eight minute CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
program "As It Happens" Radio interview in English on Otaru Lawsuit,
playable in Real Audio from CBC website:

3) MARCH 5-MARCH 23: Arudou Debito negotiates with Minshutou Party leader
and Hokkaido Representative Hatoyama Yukio's Sapporo office, proposing a
meeting to discuss legislative possibilities. Request denied, due to the
fact that, according to assistant Mr Okuno, we are in court and the party
does not want to appear to take sides. This despite Arudou's stressing the
meeting is not about the case but about drafting an
anti-racial-discrimination law, which legislators are honor-bound by
international treaty to create. Read unanswered email correspondence in
Japanese at.

4) MARCH 26, 1:30 PM: FIRST COURT HEARING (Koutou Benron), Sapporo District
Court. Plaintiffs read statements (chinjutsusho) outlining their motives
and positions to the court. Read our revised REPORT on this event in
English at

Our court statements in Japanese and English are at

5) MARCH 26, 8:30-9:00 PM: Thirty-minute HBC Radio program entitled
"Japanese Only" showing how the issue is fermenting. Soundbites from many
sides, including eldsters saying they don't want to bathe with foreigners
because they stink and spread disease. Japanese downloadable at:

6) MARCH 27: Court Hearing hits newspaper morning editions (Japanese)
Mainichi: http://www.debito.org/mainichi032701.jpg
Asahi: http://www.debito.org/asahi032701.jpg
Yomiuri: http://www.debito.org/yomiuri032701.jpg
And of course the most thorough from Hokkaido Shinbun:

7) Finally, check out Defendant Yunohana Onsen's rich and flashy website
under their own domain name. They are no mom-and-pop place--in fact HBC
just reported that they are by volume the largest onsen in Otaru.

All for now. Thanks for keeping abreast!

Arudou Debito