Weekend Tangent: Weird broadside from Japan Helpline’s Ken Joseph Jr. on Facebook


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Hi Blog.  Last Monday morning I got a request for a friending on Facebook by a Ken Joseph Jr.  For those who have heard the name, he’s one of the advice columnists for the Japan Times Lifelines Page, and according to his website (email registry required), “Ken Joseph Jr. is an international columnist and speaker.  He appears regularly on CNN, Foxnews, BBC, ITN and numerous radio outlets worldwide to give commentary on the news of the day from a background of personal experience.  His columns regularly run in newspapers worldwide.”

So imagine my surprise when I get a broadside of this tone from a person of this standing, mere hours after I friend him.

(Screen captures of my Facebook page where he tries to hijack an unrelated thread; printed, names other than Ken’s and mine redacted, and scanned.)


COMMENT:  I’m not sure why KJJ has it in for me.  I met him just once (during the Kobe Earthquake of 1995) when I went down to Kobe from Sapporo on my own dime to volunteer under the auspices of Japan Helpline.  It wasn’t a long encounter, I doubt KJJ remembers me.  But during the Otaru Onsens Lawsuit he hit me with a similar broadside, claiming online that our refusal at Onsen Osupa in Otaru was a lie because he allegedly managed to wangle his way in (this has never been substantiated, although Osupa’s “Japanese Only” signs certainly were, as was Osupa’s refusal of us on September 19, 1999).  He also popped up from time to time on an old yahoogroups discussion list called “Shakai” (half deleted by Tony “Darling Foreigner” Laszlo) under a different name “Kenichi Suzuki” with similar broadsides.  That said, we never corresponded directly like this online until Monday, when he asked to be friended.

Don’t know what’s eating him, but a person who makes himself out to be this important should show more decorum in his comments.  Leaving a record of unprofessional broadsides (of questionable veracity to boot) like this is quite unbecoming.  And unconstructive, given that we should all be working towards the same goals.  Arudou Debito

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  • Burnt by Ken says:

    Ken Joseph Jr is a nut case. I once had a run in with him and I’ve almost never met a more arrogant wind bag in my life. He can be so mean-spirited.
    Plus, his version of the truth seems to change with the wind. Avoid him at all costs.

  • Debito here. Just got this message from Ken Joseph Jr. nearly ten years later. He still has a screw loose.

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Smith Phil amakusashiro7@icloud.com
    Subject: Weekend Tangent: Weird broadside from Japan Helpline’s Ken Joseph Jr. on Facebook | debito.org
    Date: June 9, 2020 at 1:56:31 PM
    To: David Aldwinkle

    Dear David,

    Hi, It’s Ken Joseph Jr. of The Japan Helpline.

    Someone mentioned that this was still up, ten years later and I am wondering if you would be so kind as to take it down.

    Please let me know it is down, ok?

    Those of us who love Japan are a tiny community, and particularly during these times we should all debate between ourselves, but always outwardly be a united front.

    We just had a terrible situation at the Press Club where the private debates were broadcast life.

    We should viciously debate between all of, but never let a crack appear outside.

    Let me know, ok?

    Your friend,

    Sent from my iPhone


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