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Embedded Racism: Japan's Visible Minorities and Racial Discrimination

  • Embedded Racism: Japan's Visible Minorities and Racial Discrimination
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  • Book IN APPROPRIATE: A novel of culture, kidnapping, and revenge in modern Japan
  • Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and end-year 2012

    Posted by Dr. ARUDOU, Debito on December 26th, 2012

    Just a brief note (amongst the time zones — it’s currently first thing in the morning of Christmas here) to wish all Readers, fans, and yes, even opponents, of the happiest Christmas/Boxing Day/End-Year Week imaginable with good tidings from all.

    Although a quarter-century in Japan (where Xmas Eve is perhaps more celebrated than Xmas Day, and both are work days regardless) has gotten me out of the habit of Xmas cards, presents, and the regular consumerist trappings of the day, I for one am looking forward to some turkey roll (sans gravy or potatoes — diet!) cooked in the dormitory oven and some instant ginger snaps (okay, diet phooey!) today.  Let us know if you like what today holds (or yesterday held) for you in the Comments Section.

    With best wishes to all, Arudou Debito in Honolulu, where he is not missing snow one whit.

    4 Responses to “Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and end-year 2012”

    1. Jim Di Griz Says:

      Merry Christmas Debito!
      Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of all NJ this year.

    2. Norik Says:

      I intended to write some stuff, but instead decided to post this:

      and this

    3. Loverilakkuma Says:

      Christmas is the time to take a stretch or two from the stuff to write on the post. I flew out of the states a couple of weeks ago for winter to avoid topsy-turvy weather (there’s snow & tornado in the south). No snow in the central part of Japan so far, but I am dealing with a gusty wind, 40-45 degree temperature, and code switching (the one that puts me into “err, which-is-my-first-language?” moment).

    4. ducsu Says:

      A bit late to post about my Christmas day in Japan. Just an ordinary day for me. Nothing special going on thanks to Japan’s spirit of Christmas atmosphere.

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