Hawaii is about to receive a direct hit from Tropical Storm Darby. Will keep you posted [CONCLUDED]


Hi Blog.  Another quick one as the weather deteriorates.  Tropical Storm Darby is about to swipe Hawaii.  Hopefully the damage won’t be too severe, but we’re anticipating heavy rainfall and flash floods.  Will keep you posted as the situation develops.  Debito


Darby has passed by Big Island and left its mark.  Up next are Oahu and Kauai.  Where I am there’s been a lot of rain but nothing too scary (I’ve seen worse cloudbursts; it’s just mostly steady misty rain.)  Nothing I see to worry about yet.


What a difference a day can make.  The storm hit us during yesterday afternoon and dumped in some places 2-4 inches of rain per hour.  Downtown Honolulu, particularly Ala Moana, Chinatown, and the main road arteries were flooded to the point of cars floating.  I personally received reports of people stranded in traffic between exits for hours on the H1.  That said, it was far more rain than wind, and life is getting back to normal already on this sunny Monday morning.  This rare hit of Oahu by a tropical was nothing like Iniki’s hit of Kauai in 1992, which damaged several areas beyond repair.  Nor is it like the storm that flooded UH Manoa in 2004 and almost killed several library students attending class in the basement.

So all is well.  Concluding this topic.  Thanks for reading.

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