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  • Potential Olympic torch problems in Nagano? All the more reason to target NJ!

    Posted by Dr. ARUDOU, Debito on April 25th, 2008

    Hi Blog. Worried about protests and problems regarding carrying the Olympic torch in Nagano? All the more reason to target NJ! Of course, Japanese never protest… Debito


    Nagano hotel association told to check foreign guest IDs ahead of torch relay
    Kyodo News/Japan Today Wednesday 23rd April, 05:47 AM JST
    Courtesy of Dave Spector and MS

    NAGANO —The association of hotels and Japanese inns in the city of Nagano has requested that its members fully check the identifications of their foreign guests prior to the Beijing Olympic torch relay on Saturday as part of efforts to counter suspicious individuals, local officials said Tuesday.

    In a notification issued on April 11, the association urged members to thoroughly check the passports of foreign visitors while recording whether they are cooperative, the officials said. It also called for ensuring the safety of guests when the torch relay passes in front of each facility, they said. A 57-year-old manager of a Japanese-style inn said, ‘‘While we are checking identification of our guests on a routine basis, we are worried, to be honest, about all of the reservations, which include some names of foreigners.’’

    2 Responses to “Potential Olympic torch problems in Nagano? All the more reason to target NJ!”

    1. Joe Jones Says:

      The guy manages a hotel and he’s *worried* about having a lot of reservations?! Sheesh.

    2. Tyler Lynch / Kamesei Ryokan Says:

      I personally liked the front page headline in the Yomiuri prior to the torch run about tighter immigration checks at the airports to keep out potential protestor ‘hooligans’. Wow, those soccer fans sure get around.
      For the record, here at our inn just south of Nagano, on the day of the relay we had the pleasure of hosting an international couple (he: Scottish, she: Chinese). Instead of any ‘efforts to counter suspicious individuals’, I took them and their cute son to the mountain castle above our town for a tour. That’s true Nagano hospitality!

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