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  • “GAIJIN HANZAI FILE” pubs spectre of evil foreign crime

    Posted by Dr. ARUDOU, Debito on February 1st, 2007

    Hello Blog. Here’s a lovely little publication, apparently available at convenience stores, courtesy of friend Steve (who took the trouble to purchase, scan, and help publicize this issue). Entitled “GAIJIN [sic] HANZAI URA FILE”, it publicizes all the underground evils that gaijin in Japan do, including seducing our women on the street…

    Here’s a scan of the cover, with all manner of caricature which would be deemed offensive in any other developed country. And to give you an example of the hate speech within, some excerpts (Steve’s translation), and links to scanned images follow. Please excuse the language.


    Turning the keyboard over to Steve, as he has portrayed the goods most effectively. I’ve made sure the UN has gotten word. Debito in Sapporo


    OK,OK, I caved in and my curiosity got the better of me. I’ve scanned some pages at the bottom of this email:

    Publisher: Eichi Shuppan 150-001 Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 5-38-4
    Publisher-in-Chief: Joey H. Washington (I wonder who this guy is?)

    Available online at

    Here are some ‘highlights’:

    Back Page:
    47,000 crimes by foreigners each year!!
    There then follows a ‘danger rating’ (危険度) of each country, scattered on a world map surrounded by knives, guns and syringes:
    China: 14
    Russia: 5
    Korea: 9
    Brazil: 8
    Colombia: 3
    None for the USA, Canada, Australia or the whole of Europe…

    Article about crimes by Iranians:
    Catch the Iranian!!

    Article lamenting Tokyo’s demise into lawlessness:
    City of Violent Degenerate Foreigners!!

    Article about foreigners scamming Japanese for money:
    Japanese getting conned. “Theesaway to ze ATM, Meester Managing Director”

    Feature of foreign guys picking up Japanese women (What this has to do with ‘crime’ is unclear)
    You sluts really think foreign guys are so great, huh!!
    We know Japanese guys are small, but..

    Picture of black guy touching a J.girls ass in Shibuya (obviously consensual too)
    Oi Nigger!! Get your fuckin’ hands off that Japanese lady’s ass!!
    (… yes. It really does say ニガー)

    Picture of dark-haired foreigner kissing J.girl in Shibuya (again, obviously consensual)
    This is Japan! Go back to your own fuckin’ country and do that!

    Picture of foreigner with hands down a J.girls knickers in Shibuya (definitely consensual)
    Woah! Woah! Woah! Would you stop fingering a girls pussy in the street, OK?

    Links to scanned images:


    83 Responses to ““GAIJIN HANZAI FILE” pubs spectre of evil foreign crime”

    1. Matt Dioguardi Says:

      The magazine seems to raise being Japanese to a religious level complete with various morality plays.

      It’s available at Amazon as well:

    2. XinJeisan Says:

      I would think that free speech issues would allow this company to publish what they want, but what about the stores that sell it. At least one company has a large presence outside of Japan

      I wonder if their is a way to pressue these companies not to sell this kind of material. It would perhaps increase sales of this particular MOOK in the short run, but perhaps make it more difficult to publish this kind of book in the future.

    3. Nick Says:

      My concern in originally bringing this magazine to everyone’s attention is not that this opinion exists, but that a much larger market exists for this product than Japan has been willing to let on.

      That is incredibly disheartening.

    4. debito Says:

      Another comment from cyberspace, edited. Debito


      I’ve finished with my copy. Would you like me to send it to you? I figure
      the less people actually buy this the better…

      …[T]here’s an article slating foreigners who
      rip off software in Akihabara entitled ‘They came to violate copyright!!’

      There’s also an extremely puerile article about Korean ‘Delivery Health’
      prostitution services, which give the lowdown on some of the ‘myths’ that
      surround them, entitled ‘Korean Delivery Health: True or Lie?’

      Myth number 6 or 7 is ‘Is it true that Korean whore’s vaginas smell of
      kimchii?’. This is discussed at length, the basic conclusions being that no,
      Korean whore’s vaginas do not especially smell of kimchii but you can expect
      a general aroma of kimchii on the body of a Korean whore.

      Debito, this is one of the most irresponsible and mean-spirited pieces of
      journalism and publishing I have ever had the misfortune to come across. It
      truly is at least as bad, if not worse than any underground right-wing
      literature you’d find in Austria, France, Germany or the UK. But this isn’t
      ‘underground’ – it’s sold in Family Mart convenience stores apparently
      nationwide and published by a firm that by all accounts sees itself as being
      part of the mainstream.

      Still astonished (and angry) in Tokyo,

    5. Nagai Says:

      I personally think it’s important that works such as these are published in order to get it out in the air and talked about. This is what free speech is all about – the ability to say what you want to, but also the ability of others to ridicule you. Limits on free speech are not about the freedom from being offended – the tyranny of the majority is hardly any better than apartheid.

    6. Gaijin Crime File » Japan Probe Says:

      […] According to Debito, the book is “apparently available at convenience stores.” Check out all the excerpts here! […]

      Arudou Debito adds:
      Yes. I’ve heard from three separate sources that FAMILY MART offers them–although since we don’t really have FAMILY MARTS up here in Hokkaido it’s hard for me to check.

    7. Paula Gibson Says:

      Hello Debito,

      It is quite sad that such racist comics exist and it makes me afraid for the possible negative views that it might engender amongst Japanese people who believe such comics.
      Still, I wanted to make the comment that you, Debito, should be careful to not perpetuate some Eurocentrism of your own.

      You stated that one of the comics was the “Picture of black guy touching a J.girls ass in Shibuya (obviously consensual too)” Next, you stated that another comic was the “Picture of dark-haired foreigner kissing J.girl in Shibuya (again, obviously consensual)”.

      Is “dark-haired foreigner” a euphemism for a white-skinned person?

      Why did you refer to the skin colour of one male, but only the hair colour of the other?

      Why does a black person get called black, but a presumably white person doesn’t get called “white”?

      Next time, if black is black, then white is “white”.
      Paula Gibson


    8. Mark Says:

      I agree with Nagai (and others as well, I’m sure) that the best way to get more people on-board in understanding that this type of publication is not acceptable in today’s modern world is to expose it to the light so that it can be debated and hopefully ridiculed. Particularly in Japan, many would rather sweep any unpleasantness under the rug, so I don’t support simply banning such books without debating it first.

      All major countries in the world have people who publish books such as this. However, they are nearly always “underground” publications that cater to a “fringe” group of people. The difference here seems to be that this publication is being made available through major retail outlets, both online and in corner stores.

    9. James Says:

      I checked the Family Mart closest to my apartment and they didn’t have it. Maybe it’s only being stocked in certain regions?

    10. Maru Says:

      I can also confirm that Family Mart carries them. I bought one for a friend who teaches a university cultural issues course in Osaka.

    11. John T Says:

      You can’t really control what dumb racist J-trash do, but you can put pressure on the outlets that sell this kind of nonsense.

    12. Ben Shearon Says:

      I just sent a polite email to Amazon Japan regarding their decision to carry this kind of trash. Maybe if a few other people did the same we could get it removed?

      Time to move on to Family Mart now 😉

      I’ll have a look for it tomorrow and have a word with the manager if I find any.

      All the best

      ben shearon

    13. Gaijin on the Run Says:

      Magazines like this come out, and much of Japan still refuses to admit there’s a problem with racism in the country. Unbelievable.

    14. Leon Says:

      Know the easy way to get this pulled and get it brought to light? Contact the foreign press and get it in the news. I will.

    15. Japan in amber » Blog Archive » Ethnocentric Japan? Says:

      […] The details on this magazine are here. […]

    16. LeonJP » Now on Sale - “Inside file on Foreign Crime” Says:

      […] […]

    17. TS Says:

      Stores like Amazon, Kinokuniya and Family Mart where foreigners shop need to explain their decision to sell this. No doubt it was just accepted and listed without any real thought but the management needs to know.

      Secondly, I would imagine this will create a stink when word gets out on to the Chinese and Korean blogs. They’re the ones most insulted by this publications.

      When the international media picks up on it (any day now) Japan will be looking a little stupid. Perhaps Japanese embassies overseas should be contacted. They’ll immediately grasp how this will go down overseas and what it will do to Japan’s image.

    18. Craig Says:

      Here are the contact addys for Family mart and their usa conterpart:

      If you want to voice your concern, you could write to:

      Family Mart Japan: (has postal address)

      Family Mart USA (known as “Famima!” in the USA):

      What is Amazon Japan/USA’s contact email adress?

    19. Bill Says:

      I don’t believe talking to store managers will do any good, nor should they be held accountable. They’re not turning the gears. Letters to the president of Family Mart, Amazon, embassies, rights groups, etc. might have more impact.

    20. tim Says:

      So. How do we organize in to a big enough thing for the Japanese companies to sit up and take notice?

    21. Quiggly Says:

      Chew gum until soft. Spit into hand. Enter store where said periodical is being sold. Begin perusing said periodical. Drop gum into periodical. Press tight. Leave store. You’ve just ruined some manga! It’s fun and easy to do!

    22. Judy Says:

      I’ve just emailed the Japan Times with the link to this webpage.

    23. Nick Says:

      Would it be possible to send a copy, prefereably one already read, hence negating the need to purchase another, to Mr. Abe or perhaps the Japanese foreign minister? It would be interesting to see the response of the Chinese and Korean diplomats to this publication, should they be made aware of what is made of their countries!

    24. Boycott Family Mart » Japan Probe Says:

      […] Reports from foreigner commenters on, Big Daikon forums, and this site have revealed that Family Mart, a Japanese convenience store chain, is selling an anti-foreigner magazine called “Gaijin Hanzai File” [Foreigner Crime File] in many of its locations across Japan. I was able to confirm these reports today when I found that a Family Mart in Saitama Prefecture had 5 copies of the magazine, all of them displayed in the very front of its magazine rack. I purchased one of the copies, so that I could look over the magazine myself. As reported, it labels foreigners as a source of crime and even has pages in which it condemns interracial sex between foreigners and Japanese women: Oi Nigger!! Get your fuckin’ hands off that Japanese lady’s ass!! [Actual scan from the book, and it clearly says “nigger” in katakana.] […]

    25. James Says:

      I found a copy at another Family Mart in northern Saitama. Now that I’ve confirmed it, I think the internet community needs to come together and spread the word:

      FamilyMart has locations in China and Korea. If we can spread the word to those countries, FamilyMart might actually feel some pressure. (As opposed to the complaints of a few dozen foreigners in Japan, which they can easily ignore.)

    26. Kris Says:

      They sell the magazine at Family Mart in Yokohama. Video here.

    27. Yatsushiro FC Says:

      Its an us and them country. Obviously someone buys these manga. I think it is important that this gets out to the English speaking world though, this stuff should be translated. Japan considers itself international but with so much of its culture and government (like education) done exclusively in Japanese they hide so much. What are we gonna do about it though?

      I say somebody publish a magazine about general crime in Japan and put it out in all the stores next to this one. Show a bunch of pics of Japanese people doing wack stuff. Then top it off with some statistics. And maybe some shots of Japanese commited crime in SE Asia and Russia (like kidnapping and trading young girls). Top it off with a run through of war attrocities committed during the war and some words about those Japanese living in Japan today who have commited war crimes and never been charged or punished.

      I think the Koreans and especially Chinese already know about this type of stuff. But they are more worried about the lies printed in Japanese textbooks. I think most SE asian countries are fairly aware of how racist/nationalist Japanese people really are. But the English speaking world is pretty much fooled, probably because those few Japanese who do speak English are probably also in the same minority that isn’t completely racist.

    28. w00kie’s ramblings » Racist magazine - 外人犯罪 Says:

      […] February 2, 2007 at 7:06 pm · Filed under Japan, Crazy shit After seeing a blog post about this magazine: 外人犯罪, I knew I had to buy it before it goes out of print. So yesterday after work, I went straight to the Familymart 30 meters away from my home and purchased a copy to keep as a collector’s item. […]

    29. Simon Says:

      I will be boycotting Family Mart until they stop selling this hate literature.

    30. Racist Japanese magazine » Says:

      […] Checking my feeds today, I read Japan Probe’s post (Boycott Family Mart) about an anti-foreigner magazine called Gaijni Hanzai Ura Fairu, meaning ‘Foreigner Crime File’. Along with James at Japan Probe, foreign commentators, including Arudou Debito, are bringing this publication to the attention of the masses and encouraging a boycott of any store opting to sell it. […]

    31. Craig Says:

      I found a copy of the mag in Kisarazu family Mart, Chiba. I went mad, the woman obviously knew why as soon as she saw the cover and I demanded the mag be taken off the shelves/shelf and not sold. A few hours later, I went back to check. Not there. I gave a short, easy english letter (my japanese staff wouldnt support me by translating it for me) with my contact details telling them how upset i was and that I would no longer be a family mart customer unless they made a statement telling me they would not sell that mag anymore.

      I also contacted family mart usa and told them the same.

      Here is the publisher’s contact info. Ironically enough it seems the main guy is foreign himself!

      Publisher: Eichi Shuppan 150-001 Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 5-38-4
      Publisher-in-Chief: Joey H. Washington


    32. Stakhanov Says:

      I have also sent a few letters to’s customer service, unfortunately my japanese isnt quite up to par to do something like that to Perhaps someone could do something along those lines?

      I cant believe that a company (that has treated me very well in the past, all 3 of, com and would list something like this to be sold.

    33. Photosushi Says:


      I went to family mart and bought the book today . I tried to take a photo of it on the shelf but the owner didn’t let me do it !
      Anyway the book is a pure piece of racism ! This is the last time i step in on family mart .
      If u need a translation of the boycott in portuguese i will be happy to do it !


    34. Update on Foreigner Crime File » Japan Probe Says:

      […] Debito [2] [3] […]

    35. Kyle K. Says:

      This should really be forward to international news companies. I don’t think stopping at the UN is enough. I would think someone like FOX News would love to say, “See! Americans aren’t the bad guys right now! Just look at Japan!” Perhaps not exactly what we are going for, but any press is good press and if enough “dirty criminal foreigners” overseas got upset then the Japanese government would be forced to say SOMETHING and I imagine very quickly we would see these sorts of magazines off the shelves.

      Debito, here are the links for submitting news ideas to some major news broadcasters:,2933,77538,00.html

    36. Mtchy Says:

      This is sad, but is it possible that this kind of material would be aimed at, and more popular with, the working class and less educated areas of Japanese society than the middle/upper-middle classes?

      I mean, it’s not good for anyone to read this horrible stuff, but in an increasingly globalized world, I would at least hope that the well-educated/well-off people would be less succeptible to this.

    37. nopsmoth Says:


      Thank you for promoting awareness of this issue.

      My GF’s apartment is right next to a Family Mart and we do a little shopping there almost every day. (Haven’t checked yet, but assuming they sell it there…) I’d like to go in there with a brief letter explaining to the manager the problem with the magazine and that I will boycott their store until they stop selling the magazine and issue a letter of apology and intent not to sell the magazine again.

      Problem is, my Japanese isn’t good enough to write such a letter. So if you, or anyone whose Japanese is good, could write such a letter that people like me could print up and give to Family Mart managers, I’d really appreciate it.


    38. Kyle K. Says:

      You should really consider sending this to the major news networks. The UN isn’t good enough.,2933,77538,00.html

    39. lebo Says:

      This magazine only proves that it is about time issues such as racism and xenophobia get openly discussed by the Japanese society. I can only imagine how this kind of publication would be humorous to a Japanese teeneger, who will grow up perpetuating thes stupid stereotypes. It really is silly because now gaijin seems to be everyone one else but the US,Can,Eur, Whites and of course the Japanese themselves. I wonder why White people are not as condemned?

      In my letter to ‘Washington’ the publisher, im simply going to tell him how absolutely ridiculous he is. he is a joke. there have been many many jokes like him before in the world and there still are. Its terrible because if they are not stopped no positive progress in the world will ever be achieved. sies man!

    40. Curtis Says:

      I co-run a legal website in Korea, and I was wondering if there are any people in Japan there who can help me get a copy of this magazine. I won’t be visiting Japan again for another 6 or 7 months yet.

      Please email me at: waeguk at hotmail dot com

    41. Stephen Says:

      I checked my famimart in Awaji Island, they had it so I purchased the magazine. I have a JCB famicard card so I spend more than your average customer.

      If a publisher wants to print this crap then fine, But famimart should not be stocking it.

    42. Anti-Gaijin Magazine Debuts in Japan - Says:

      […] Anti-Gaijin Magazine Debuts in Japan – Today, 04:27 PM A new magazine has appeared on the shelves of Japanese convenience stores, and if you’re a foreigner living in Japan, you might not like it. According to those who have read it, the "GAIJIN HANZAI FILE" magazine is full of hate speech and racist comments against non-Japanese people living in Japan. The authors of the magazine are said to also spend several pages complaining about foreigners who date Japanese women and showing pictures and graphics related to supposed foreigner crime and public sexual activity. For the full report, see Debito’s Blog. […]

    43. N. Japan Says:

      Unbelievable. Asked someone to check a Family Mart in Tokyo and they said they didn’t see it. Maybe it was pulled – or sold out?

    44. Mayumi Says:

      I know that Family Mart is selling this and most blogs I’ve read focus on them, But I am a japanese currently living in the US and I’d like to know if 7-11 is carrying this in Japan. If so, would someone please let me know? Not that I want to buy this nonsense but 7-11 is very big in the US and if the japanese branches of the franchise are carrying racist material I think it’s important to let them know. However I heard that 7-11 was bought out by a japanese company so maybe it won’t make a difference, but I’d still like to try.

    45. Cabby Says:

      Here is what seems to be a rather canned response to my somewhat heated appeal from a long-time customer to remove this rag from Amazon.

      Thank you for writing to with your concerns about “GAIJIN

      As a retailer, our goal is to provide customers with the broadest
      selection possible so they can find, discover, and buy any item they
      might be seeking. That selection includes some items which many
      people may find objectionable. Therefore, the items offered on our
      web site represent a wide spectrum of opinions on a variety of
      topics. believes it is censorship not to sell certain titles
      because we believe their message is objectionable. Therefore, we
      will continue to make controversial works available in the United
      States and everywhere else, except where they are prohibited by law.
      We also allow readers, authors, and publishers to express their
      views freely about these titles and other products we offer on our
      web site. However, does not endorse any opinions
      expressed by individual authors, musical artists, or filmmakers.

      We value all feedback from our customers, and I thank you again for
      taking the time to send us your comments about this issue. We hope
      you will allow us to continue to serve you.

      Please let us know if this e-mail resolved your question:

      If yes, click here:
      If not, click here:

      Please note: this e-mail was sent from an address that cannot accept
      incoming e-mail.

      To contact us about an unrelated issue, please visit the Help
      section of our web site.

      Best regards,

      Mohan R. Customer Service

    46. ttancm Says:

      That’s almost a word for word translation of the reply I received in Japanese.にお問い合わせいただき、ありがとうございます。




    47. redracer Says:

      As a big customer of Amazon Japan, I was shocked to see that they were selling this filth, so I wrote to them and complained. Here is their reply …

      “Dear xxx,

      Thank you for writing to with your comment.

      We want everyone who visits to have a safe, enjoyable
      experience and I am truly sorry that this experience has made you
      to have a negative impression about

      We have quite a few selection sold at our store because we think
      any publications should be able to be freely published and
      customer should be able to select what they may like to read.
      Therefore as long as they are not against the Japanese law, we may
      not reconsider our decision. Your understanding would be much

      As you mentioned, the publication has a offensive and unpleasant
      title and the contents should be following the title as well. I’m
      really sorry that you feel very uncomfortble about this issue.

      We already passed your message on to the appropriate department in
      our company for consideration. Our department will confirm the
      item and cut it from our site if it is needed.

      Again, your understanding would be much appreciated.

      Thank you for contacting us at

      Best regards,

      M. Crozier
      Customer Service”

      If you want to write to them, use this address …


    48. clair taylor Says:

      I complained to Amazon Japn and got the same reply. I also complained to the UK office. Their response:

      Thank you for writing to with your concerns about one of
      the titles we list in our catalogue.

      This is an issue we take very seriously and we wanted to share with
      you our goals with respect to our catalogue.

      Our goal is to support freedom of expression and to provide customers
      with the broadest selection possible so they can find, discover and
      buy any title they might be seeking. That selection includes some
      titles, which most people, including employees of, may
      find distasteful or otherwise objectionable. believes it is censorship not to offer for sale certain
      titles with repugnant or distasteful content, and we would be rightly
      criticised if we did so. As a result, we will continue to make
      controversial works available in the UK and everywhere else, except
      where they are prohibited by law.

      Furthermore, because we strongly believe that the appropriate
      to distasteful or repugnant speech is not censorship, but more
      we will continue to allow readers, authors, and publishers to express
      their views freely about the books and other products we offer on our
      website. It is important to note that we do not endorse any opinions
      expressed by individual authors, musical artists, or filmmakers.

      Fair points, I guess…what are the laws in Japan regarding incitement to racial hatred? Are there any????


    49. A Kiwi in Japan :: Amazon Supports Racism Says:

      […] Other rascist slogans (via include: […]

    50. Matt Dioguardi Says:

      “ believes it is censorship not to offer for sale certain titles with repugnant or distasteful content, and we would be rightly criticised if we did so. As a result, we will continue to make controversial works available in the UK and everywhere else, except where they are prohibited by law.”

      Just for the record it is not censorship in any meaningful sense to choose freely what you want to sell and what you don’t want to sell. Rest assured that if Amazon were hit where it hurt, in their wallet, they wouldn’t be able to change their policy fast enough.

      Meaningful censorship is where coercion is used to shut someone up. Generally, only the government has the legal ability to do this, and only when it’s been granted that right by the people.

    51. cecilia Says:

      Which companies place advertising in the magazine?

    52. lynn Says:

      If someone in the UK said these things or published such an article against, say for example Muslims of whom there are many in our country, both citizens and visiting, they would find themselves arrested for Inciting Racial Hatred or racial attack. It’s just not tolerated. It has become difficult to even have an argument or dislike against such a person, sometimes leading to arrest when no such racial motivation has taken place.

    53. AB Says:

      If you’d like to spread a word…check the links at:

      I’d also suggest to mention it at:

    54. XinJeisan Says:

      Since Amazon allows customers to directly comment on this book, perhaps folks on the internet can flood the customer review section with negative reviews.

      I already gave a vote for the one negative review up on the website. There are only four votes for the one negative review. Perhaps we can give this book a bit more negative reviews than that.

    55. Craig Says:

      Wrote to family Mart USA: Their response as of Feb 6th:

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you very much for sending e-mail to our ‘info’ and bringing the matter
      to our attention.

      We have notified your opinion to FamilyMart Japan and they have already
      removed the captioned magazine off its shelves as of February 5. (Japan

      If you have any further inquiries on this matter, kindly contact

      Once again, thank you so much for your e-mail.

      Hidenari Sato
      —–Original Message—–
      From: ME
      Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2007 6:18 PM
      Subject: Racist Japanese Magazine in Family Mart..your company.

      This mag is for sale almost exclusively in family Mart Stores in japan,
      where i live. copies have been sent to the UN and possibly to local press
      where you have stores or are thinking of expanding into.

      Do you aggree with Family marts decision? Would you sell similar

      if not then i implore you to voice your concern to your parent company.

      Here is a link to the magazine in question:

      I would be happy to here your views on this. many of my internet friends at are mainly americans and they will undoubtedly spreading
      the word about your “negative japanese racist image” to all and sundry
      should you fail to help stop this sort of thing happening back in japan.

      Yours sincerely,

      ME, chiba, japan.

    56. equinoXio » » Aparece una publicación racista en Japón Says:

      […] El estadounidense nacionalizado japonés David Christopher Aldwinckle, más conocido como Arudou Debito, activista de los derechos de los inmigrantes, ha informado en los últimos días acerca de la aparición de una revista-libro (mook) de corte racista llamada Kyōgaku Gaijin Hanzai-ura File (驚愕の外人犯罪裏ファイル, "¡Escalofriante archivo de crímenes cometidos por extranjeros!"). La publicación, que salió a la venta el pasado 31 de enero en Japón, "informa" acerca de las "imperdonables atrocidades" que los foráneos cometen en Japón, entre ellas el seducir a sus mujeres. […]

    57. Denise Says:

      wow…this magazine is such a big shock for me! even after I have experienced racism in Japan by myself!
      (I already sent a mail to Yahoo to remove it from their shop’s homepage)
      why is Japan still without a law against racism? I can not understand it.
      Isn’t there anything we can do?

    58. It Says:

      Where is Japan heading?
      The year 2007 is starting off in an interesting direction…

      I) Establishing the Ministry of Defense…
      II) The Ministry of Education plans to ‘…strengthen the nationalistic feeling and education in Japanese schools…’
      III) The Ministry of Health statement: ‘Japanese women are just breeding machines.’

      …and soon after… there is “GAIJIN HANZAI FILE”… :-(

    59. skyice13 Says:

      I sent an email to FamilyMart, Japan in Japanese.

      I got an responce on this Monday.

      title: (my name)様へのお詫び


      (my name)様

      拝復 平素は格別のお引き立てを賜り、また、この度は弊社のホーム


      敬 具


      住所 東京都豊島区東池袋4-26-10
      電話番号 0120-079-188
      (月~金 9:00~17:45)


    60. drax Says:

      Actually, racism is prohibited in the Japanese constitution. It may not be enforceable with current laws, but at least it’s unconstitutional.

    61. Greg Says:

      Japan Today apparently picked up something from Reuters and posted it on their ‘Quote of the Day’ site

      This is not a racist book because it is based on established fact.
      Shigeki Saka of Tokyo-based publisher Eichi, on the controversial book “Shocking Foreigner Crime: The Undercover File,” which features caricatures of non-Japanese alongside the question: “Is it alright to let foreigners devastate Japan?” Convenience store chains and other retailers pulled the book from their shelves this week following complaints. (Reuters)

      This story just keeps getting better and better. Debito- Do you have a contact for Dave Spector? The show he is a regular on ‘Sunday Japon’ might be an interesting place to get this out in the open in the local media. This show seems to take on some controversial issues once in a while and seems to be a little more intelligent than that noisy foreigners show.


    62. Greg Says:

      The English Chinese press has picked up on it.

      One caption in the magazine refers to a black man as “nigger”. “This is not a racist book, because it is based on established fact,” Saka said. “If we wanted to be racist, we could write it in a much more racist way,” he added, saying that the word “nigger” was not considered offensive in Japan.


    63. Mark Says:

      I bought my copy of the mook on the 6th at a FamilyMart (and have the dated receipt to prove it). According to emails sent by the company on the 5th, all stores were instructed to remove ALL copies “immediately.” Well, I just returned from a nearby FamilyMart. As of 10:30am on Feb. 7th they were STILL SELLING THE OFFENSIVE MOOK!!

    64. Fried Chicken Arcade Says:

      […] » “GAIJIN HANZAI FILE” Foreigners are the most likely group of people to commit crime in Japan, according to this book. Let this be a lesson to you Japan, for having foreigners in your country. For shame! (tags: japan politics comedy) […]

    65. XinJeisan Says:

      If I am not mistaken, it looks like the 7&I web bookstore has pulled the mook from its e-rack.

    66. Japan in amber » Blog Archive » open letter to amazon about Gaijin Hanzai Ura Fairu (Foreigner Crime Hidden files) Says:

      […] Now I am aware through reading various comments at and at that various people have complained to you, and I am writing to tell you that your response to them, which they made public, has been woefully inadequate; moreover it is unethical, undermines freedom and democracy, and is basically a falsehood. […]

    67. Japan: Stippy » Outrage Over Racist “Anti-Gaijin” Magazine Says:

      […] The Japanese government has just released their crime statistics for 2006, which show crimes by non-permanent resident foreigners in Japan are down 16.2% from a record high logged the year before. Unfortunately not everyone was impressed with these figures. A few days ago word broke out on foreign activist and anti-racism campaigner Arudou Debito’s site of a new racist and particularly “anti-gaijin in Japan” magazine called 外人犯罪裏ファイル (gaijin hanzai ura fairu), which has been variously translated as “Shocking Foreigner Crime: The Undercover File” or “Secret Files of Foreigners’ Crimes”. The magazine was widely available in convenience stores, book stores and online. […]

    68. Mike Says:

      This is my first and last post here, but that’s irrelevant. I’ve paraphrased Debito’s article on my livejournal to help spread awareness:

    69. Japanese magazine fans flames of xenophobia at Racialicious - the intersection of race and pop culture Says:

      […] The blog has a rundown of the magazine’s features: Back Page: 日本における外人犯罪件数年間47000件!! 47,000 crimes by foreigners each year!! There then follows a ‘danger rating’ (危険度) of each country, scattered on a world map surrounded by knives, guns and syringes: China: 14 Russia: 5 Korea: 9 Brazil: 8 Colombia: 3 Etc. None for the USA, Canada, Australia or the whole of Europe… […]

    70. Still sold and they are hidden now, Says:

      Today, I found out about this magazine and the contents it contains. My blood boiled instantly at the picture containing the “N” word posted on some sites. I am an African American. As I continued to read over most of the information posted, I can’t help but feel… let’s just say; now I have a migraine. I went out and scouted shops and low and behold I have brought 3 magazines, 2 hours prior to this post. Today is February 15, 2007. Apparently, the publisher was caught off guard with pants down thinking it was actually “secret files for only the Japanese” to read. Now, how do we give it back to them as they deserve?

    71. Herro Flom Japan » Blog Archive » Anti-foreigner hate-speech publication on sale in Japan Says:

      […] More articles: Japan Probe Japan:Stippy It was pulled from I’ll look through the user reviews later. […]

    72. JPlife Says:

      what i do not understand is how the JP emulate “gangsta” looks, style, etc. then publish/write this junk! bad enough being the white gaijin wife here, i can not imagine how a “black” person here in japan must feel … and the government WANTS to perpetuate NATIONALISM so they turn their nose to this kind of junk! if its not insults to women its insults to gaijin … it gets rather tiring at best. glad people who could are doing something on this! and glad someone notified the UN!

    73. Alex Says:

      It’s sad that things like this still exist in this day and age, but not really surprising. Xenophobia has existed in individuals in pretty much every culture at pretty much every point in time. To me, something like this is no more offensive than the KKK or ministers crashing soldiers’ funerals with giant “GOD HATES FAGS” signs.

    74. Samurai Soapbox » Racist magazine being sold in Japanese stores and on Amazon Japan Says:

      […] The book raises points about crimes committed by foreigners in Japan and how they are on the increase. Problem is the language is extremely racist. One article begins with the title, “Tokyo, the city of violent degenerate foreigners”. Here are some photos and captions courtesy of […]

    75. Japan going to the dogs, gaijin hanzai (foreigner crime) blamed: part 1 of 2 » 世論 What Japan Thinks - Japanese Opinion Polls and Market Research Translated into English Says:

      […] The “gaijin hanzai” comment is related to the recent uproar regarding widespread availability of a magazine playing on precisely the fears expressed in this survey. […]

    76. Craig Says:

      Just a quick question, and forgive me for my ignorance, but has anyone tried getting a letter in to a major Japanese newspaper? Looking at Arudou-san’s website, looks like he’s had some bad experiences in the past, but perhaps it’s worth a shot? This is pretty bad…

    77. Jerm Says:

      The publisher, Eichi Publishing, is listed as a group company of the “Tkgroup”
      “Eichi Publishing” publishes a magazine called “411” 「フォー・ダブワン」reporting on the LA / NY street culture scene. I wonder if the advertisers in that magazine are privy to the publishers other offerings…

      Also, Korean TV and Film fan book 「韓国TV映画ファンBOOK”」As the title leads you to believe, advertisers would be interested in knowing about the publishers “diversity” of opinions.

      The Publisher in my opinion bears a large degree of responsibility in this matter as well, I hope to enlighten their advertisers to their lack of social responsibility by publishing, distributing and marketing such racist, confrontational and pointless trash.

    78. “Gaijin Hanzai File” at myninjaplease Says:

      […] debito […]

    79. Victory Manual » Gaijin Crime! Says:

      […] I’m sure most of you have already been exposed to the “Gaijin Hanzai File“. Just out of curiosity, I thought I’d see if there was a 外国人犯罪 entry on the Japanese wikipedia, and it turns out there is, and that (surprise, surprise) the neutrality of the article is in question. […]

    80. Trans-Pacific Radio » TPR News: Thursday, February 1, 2007 - Abe, his cabinet, the economy, and mobile phones :: Independent Podcasts from Tokyo, Japan - Japanese News, Politics, Business and Economy Says:

      […] At his site,, social activist Debito Arudo has reported on a currently-selling comic called Gaijin Hanzai Fairu, or Foreigner Criminal Files. For a taste of this distasteful publication, please follow the link to Debito’s website. […]

    81. Says:

      Debito/ “GAIJIN HANZAI FILE” pubs spectre of evil foreign crime…

      Read it and …….

    82. Chris B Says:

      People are trying to dirty your name and efforts but you keep up the good work!!!

      Best Blog in and about Japan PERIOD!!!!!!


    83. Gaijin Hanzai Informative Magazine – 何これ? Says:

      […] probably seen this on a bunch of blogs, including the always readable Arudou Debito’s […]

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