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  • Down with flu: Taking a day off

    Posted by Dr. ARUDOU, Debito on December 9th, 2008

    Hi Blog. I’m feeling pretty poorly today (headache, dizziness, even nausea; not sure what it is, maybe the current flu bug), so I’m going to devote today to some sincere bedrest and hopefully get over whatever’s ailing me ASAP. Lemme take a day off blogging. Thanks, Debito

    7 Responses to “Down with flu: Taking a day off”

    1. Grant Says:

      That’s right. Take it easy for a day or two. Everything will still be here when you come back. Get well soon. (No need to post this.)

    2. James N Says:

      Get better soon!!! When I’m sick, I like to buy that Okayu stuff from 7-11. That should cure you along with a ton of Dimatapp!!

    3. E.P. Lowe Says:

      Get well soon Debito!

    4. Kimpatsu Says:


    5. Mark in Yayoi Says:

      May I recommend Sapporo salt ramen broth with rice dumped in it? That stuff works wonders when I’m sick!

    6. scotty Says:

      Eat plenty of fruit. Knock back a few hot lemon and honeys. And most of all – kick back for a while and take regular naps. Get well soon.

    7. debito Says:

      Thanks to everyone for your kind words! I’m feeling fine now. I wonder what zapped me that morning. I was fine by evening… Best wishes to everyone back, and here’s hoping you’re not felled either this busy end-year season! Debito

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