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    Posted by Dr. ARUDOU, Debito on May 21st, 2007

    Hi Blog. I voice enough criticism of Japan on this space. Let’s also give praise where it is due.

    According to the National Geographic Dec 2005, Japan’s record regarding keeping its international promises regarding tsunami relief has been excellent. In fact, it’s basically the only country which made (even superseded) enormous pledges of donations for victims of the big waves a couple of years ago.

    Bravo, Japan! Shame on everyone else, especially the oil-rich countries–both in terms of pledge and fulfillment. Where’s the Muslim feeling of brotherhood when you need it? Debito


    2 Responses to “Fun Facts #5: Nat Geo on Japan’s Tsunami Charity”

    1. Grad Says:

      Bravo, Japan, and bravo, blog! Thanks for showing part of Japan’s good side.

    2. Helmi Says:

      What does the Muslim feeling of brotherhood have to do with this story? Gulf countries are virtually rich but economically speaking, their economic performances together do not even level with that of Spain alone. It is the bitter reality indeed…

      Would you check the following links? (there are many in fact).

      Thank you for this excellent website.
      Helmi H., PhD., Eng.
      Kurashiki, Japan.

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