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  • Fingerprinting protest tract for Immigration & new FP protest info website

    Posted by Dr. ARUDOU, Debito on November 27th, 2007

    Hi Blog. Thomas Bertrand writes:

    Hi there, the trilingual (Japanese, French, and English) tract against fingerprints policy is done!

    More info on fingerprinting protest site reentry japan:

    Download it, print it, show it, put in your bar, restaurant, on your car, on your desk, give it to the immigration officer, to your friends…

    (click on image to expand in your browser)

    Thomas Bertrand and friends.

    COMMENT: Well done. Pass it around online and make copies for distributing in the real world. Arudou Debito in Sapporo

    7 Responses to “Fingerprinting protest tract for Immigration & new FP protest info website”

    1. Steve Koya Says:

      Interesting article in the Sankei Shinbun today, apparently the bill to give regional voting rights to Permanent Residents is making the rounds again.

      Steve Koya

    2. yanpa Says:

      Related to fingerprinting: in Germany a chain of supermarkets has introduced – experimentially – the option payment by fingerprint (AFAICT linked to some kind of debit arrangement). German TV is showing a program tonight where they – working with the “Chaos Computer Club”, a group of hackers who enjoy this kind of challenge – were able to make purchases under a false identity, by creating a sort of foil with the impressions of the target person’s fingerprints.

      A short announcment (in German) is here:

    3. Ten Sigh Says:

      Question: If we hand this to an immigration officer, would this constitute “resistance” and end up with us getting arrested? I’m serious about this. I may come to Japan in December and I want to hand one of these to the Immigration officer when I’m in customs. Thing is, I don’t want to get arrested for it.


    4. Jon Dujmovich Says:

      Great tract on the reentry blogspot! I am wondering if there is another version with Japanese/english/PORTUGUESE. I live in an area with many Brazilians and Brazilian shops that would be interested in such a version.



    5. Ben Shearon Says:

      I luckily won’t be leaving the country until next November, when I have to attend a close friend’s wedding in the UK.

      I plan to give a brief speech to the customs agent before giving my fingerprints, as well as wearing a ‘sandwich board’ type sign.

      I was thinking an emotional appeal in Japanese might be most effective for the sign. Something like:


      After all, the immigration officials aren’t going to care, but it might be possible to get members of the public to notice.

    6. Another John Says:

      I’m overseas at the moment on business, but I return this coming week.

      Yep – looks like I have one more “document” to give to immigration upon my arrival.

    7. Mark in Yayoi Says:

      Debito, while they might not *arrest* you for handing over a protest tract, I could easily see them detaining you for “special security” and making you answer inane questions about who printed the tract, what motivated you to write it, etc., in addition to the usual nonsense about employment and family and the rest that they manage to fill hours with when questioning some luckless gaijin card-forgetter at the police station.

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