Full retraction and direct apology to Eido Inoue


At the end of last year I published an essay written by “A Concerned Citizen” concerning cyberbullying and internet smear campaigns. The essay did not withstand the test of critique, but I did not fully delete it because I believed it might not have been 100% false and circumstantial evidence may have existed. I made a promise to do a better job vetting, and I have spent some additional time doing this. It is for this reason that I have changed my stance on leaving the post up with strike-through. I now believe that absolutely no claims exist within the original essay that any reasonable person could call verifiable or even circumstantial. Knowing this, to leave the article up would amount to cyberbullying by A Concerned Citizen against someone who has done none of the things claimed in the essay. I now believe A Concerned Citizen used debito.org for a personal vendetta. A personal vendetta with no truth attached to it does not belong in the historical record and leaving it up is not fair game, thus I will delete it now that I’ve fully confirmed that the essay has no historical worth and is not worthy of discussion. In addition to A Concerned Citizen’s false essay, I have also learned that Eido Inoue properly relinquished his original citizenship as required by the Japanese Nationality Law for naturalization. My accusation was without merit, and I apologize for accusing him without first confirming facts.

I’d like to apologize again to the readers of debito.org, and especially to Eido Inoue, whose name was libeled by A Concerned Citizen for motives I don’t wish to speculate upon. As I said that this essay is not worthy of discussion, I will not approve any further comments regarding this matter. I’m very sorry.

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