Next Valentine Lawsuit Hearing Feb 12, 2008 1:30PM


【 Supporters wanted! 】

Mr. Valentine, a Nigerian national, is defending himself against the Tokyo Metropolitan Government after a police beating incident which took place in Shinjuku almost 4 years ago. This is an appeal, as the District Court not only exonerated the NPA for refusing him medical treatment for his broken leg for the duration of his interrogation (which resulted him in becoming crippled for life), but also did so on such spurious grounds as ignoring expert medical testimony of the degree of injury, and dismissed testimony because it came from a black person.

More in the Japan Times, August 14, 2007.

At the last trial, the judge did not close the case. Many thanks to the audience (more than 50 people sat in the public seats) who watched the trial so closely. And now the date for the 4th trial has been set. We are asking for your support, especially your participation in this upcoming hearing at Tokyo high court. Please help him to get justice.

The 4th Appeal Tribunal Trial schedule: Tuesday, February 12 2008

Court opens at: 13:30

At Tokyo High Court / Court Room Number 808

Court appellant: Mr. Valentine U.C. < case number " (NE) 2429th of 2007" >

This time, tickets to attend the trial will be distributed between 12:50 and 13:10 near the main entrance of the court (right side).Then a lottery by computer will take place. 40 people who win the lottery can attend the trial.

Access : “Kasumigaseki station” on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line, Hibiya line or Chiyoda line. A1 exit, 1 minute walk. Or “Sakuradamon station” on Tokyo Metro Yuurakuchou line, No. 5 exit, 3 minute walk.


Hope to see you there!




Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Japan

Fax : 03-5425-8016 / 03-5425-8021 / 03-5425-8022
(emailでしたら です)



(英語要請文の参考例 その1)

                              February9th, 2008

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Japan


Dear Mr.Yahaya Tabari Zaria,

I really thank you very much for reading my sudden message that I
asked for your attendance for a Nigerian, Mr Valentine’s upcoming
appeal hearing on Tuesday, 13:30pm February 12nd 2008 at Tokyo High
Court room 808.

Before his last appeal on November 20th, 2007, Mr.Valentine submitted
an application letter that requests attendance of embassy officers for
the hearing, however regret to say, no officers attend the hearing at
all. It was very disappointed not only for Mr.Valentine but all his
friends and supporters who concern very much.

This time also, Mr.Valentine has submitted an application again to
ask you and your officers for attending the hearing and support him.

Your attendance will help him very much, and same time this will be
great help not only for him but also for all Nigerians living in Japan
to improve their human rights in Japan, furthermore it can say to
tighten good relationship between Nigeria and Japan.

Your attendance will be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely,


( )



Valentine Trial Support Group

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