Asahi TV: Police public training drill in Tokyo on how to deal with jewelry thieves brandishing knives. Oh, and they’re depicted as “foreign” thieves.


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Hi Blog.  Apparently the Tokyo police believe that jewelry stores need training in how to fend off thieves.  Foreign thieves, that is.  Even though according to the NPA’s own statistics, theft (almost always committed by Japanese) is by far the most common crime in Japan — even more than traffic accidents!

And by “foreign thieves”, we don’t just mean the cat-burglar type of jewel thief (although even police also claim those as due to “foreigners” because of their “daring”.  Seriously.)  We mean the loud, violent type, with perps shouting “kane” while wielding knives, as foreigners do, right?  Fortunately, they can be repulsed by shopkeepers wielding poles and by police brandishing batons.

TV Asahi was on the scene to record the event at a real jewelry store in public (in Okachimachi, Tokyo) to make the proceedings even more visible.  Broadcast October 9, 2015.  Check it out:

Courtesy of

If above links are dead, this video has been archived below (mp4), courtesy of DG and JLO.

TV Asahi:  実際の宝石店を使って強盗への対応訓練が行われました。


COMMENT:  If you want an exercise to show how to repulse robbers, fine.  But there is no need to depict them as foreigners.  Depict them as thieves, regardless of nationality, and arrest them.  Dr. ARUDOU, Debito

4 comments on “Asahi TV: Police public training drill in Tokyo on how to deal with jewelry thieves brandishing knives. Oh, and they’re depicted as “foreign” thieves.

  • Jim di Griz says:

    Only welfare frauds are foreign.
    Only pedophiles are foreign.
    Now only jewelry store theives are foreign.
    Must be great to actually believe that.

  • @debito

    “Depict them as thieves, regardless of nationality, and arrest them.”

    NO. Considering the very small percentage of foreigners in Japan, and the homogeneous society, it would make much more sense to depict them as Japanese. This is Japan, and the Japanese are 98.5% of the population, so if anybody’s going to steal, it’s most likely going to be a Japanese. So depict them as Japanese, because as they say… this is Japan.

  • Loverilakkuma says:


    Any evidence that foreigners are responsible for these small number of jewelry thefts!? Oh, never mind. The police don’t really care.

  • LMAO! Are those Japanese actors, acting “foreign”? too funny. Even when they belittle us, they can’t find foreigners who act foreign enough? I loved their vocabulary – “money”…

    Yeah, Japan certainly deserves to be the host of the 2020 Olympics…

    I wonder if any Japanese thieves will pretend to be foreign, start yelling “money”, and brandish a knife?

    This shit is like a low budget b movie. You keep hoping it will get better, but it never does.


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