Japan Center for Michigan Universities (Hikone, Shiga Pref.) sponsors July 23 lecture by Japan’s first Muslim lawyer Junko Hayashi, on Islam and issues faced by Muslims in Japan


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Hi Blog. Passing this information and flyer along upon request as a matter of record. Attend the talk.  Dr. ARUDOU, Debito

The Japan Center for Michigan Universities (JCMU) in Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, is proud to welcome Junko Hayashi, Japan’s first female Muslim attorney, to speak about Islam and the issues faced by Muslims in Japan. In a recent court battle, Ms. Hayashi represented Japanese Muslims that were being watched by the Japanese government for no reason other than they are Muslims. The surveillance of these Japanese citizens came to light after information gathered by police was accidentally leaked on the Internet. Japanese courts ruled that there was no constitutional violation and that the threat of international terrorism outweighed any privacy right held by the plaintiffs.

Muslim culture is an important part of Michigan culture, making JCMU the ideal place to host this event. JCMU is also a place where people from many different cultures come together to learn about culture and language while exchanging ideas that make our world a better place. It is JCMU’s hope that the Islamophobia gripping much of the Western world can be avoided in Japan through education and mutual understanding.

Ms. Hayashi will present at JCMU (1435-86 Matsubara-Cho, Hikone-Shi, Shiga-Ken 522-0002) on July 23, 2016 in both English and Japanese. People interested in attending the lecture can register by email at register@jcmu.org. The English language lecture will start at 17:00, with the Japanese lecture following at 19:00. Admission is free.  For further information about JCMU and its programs please see our website English website at jcmu.isp.msu.edu and our Japanese website at www.jcmu.net.

As the requester notes:  “Thank you so much for helping us get the word out. With the recent terror attacks in Bangladesh I fear the worst for the rise of Islmaophobia in Japan. The Japan Times just posted an article about the Muslim surveillance case last night. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/2016/07/13/issues/shadow-surveillance-looms-japans-muslims/ It would be great if we could get the Japan Times down here to hear the lecture.”

Flyer:Islam in Japan Flyer072316


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1 comment on “Japan Center for Michigan Universities (Hikone, Shiga Pref.) sponsors July 23 lecture by Japan’s first Muslim lawyer Junko Hayashi, on Islam and issues faced by Muslims in Japan

  • Yes, and intelligent people should realize that from 9/11 to present-day the various “Muslim terror attacks” which have been convincing the majority of humanity into accepting and approving the Genocidal Wars, Fascist Governments, Loss of Human Rights, and Mistrust of Fellow Humans…

    (plus higher taxes being funneled towards the Military Industrial “Defense” Owners and even more towards the war-profiteering, vastly-wealthier-than-any-presidents/kings/emperors actual-modern-day-rulers who lend all these governments the fiat “Defense” debt which we taxpayers and our children and our grandchildren into perpetuity must pay back with compounded interest using physical gold annually: the world’s wealthiest Private Banking Owners)

    …upon skeptical inspection of the government/media/amateur stories/photos/videos which have led to the acceptance and approval of the draconian actions listed above: it turns out the vast majority contain clear evidence of being completely unauthentic: forged stories, forged images, forged videos.

    Meaning, intelligent folks are beginning to realize that the famous examples of supposedly “authentic images” of “thousands of victims” of “terrorist events” were in fact FORGED by war-initiating war-profiteers who have fooled humanity into accepting and approving ACTUAL wars which have killed millions of ACTUAL victims.

    The Arabs/Muslims are the actual victims being killed in the Middle-East, by fighter-jets & helicopters & food-import-blockade-starvation, as well as being racially/religiously persecuted worldwide due to this proven psychological operation of forged terrorism, forged victims, forged images: an inconvenient truth which Simon Shack’s September Clues documentary makes clear, and as a Jewish American living permanently in Japan I recommend all Debito readers research and realize Arabs/Muslims are the actual victims, not the perpetrators, of worldwide terrorism (state-sponsored actual terrorism labeled “war”) and persecution by the government of Japan (as proven by the leak mentioned above) and by the majority of humans who are foolishly currently believing that “some humans are more dangerous, and less deserving of human rights, than others, because we saw some images on the news.”


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