Quick note to readers: Book tour is going exceptionally well…


Hi Blog. Been quiet the past couple of weeks as the HANDBOOK FOR NEWCOMERS Book Tour reaches its home stretch. Just a quick word to tell everyone it’s been a life-changing experience, with boxes of books selling out, warm receptions, and good attendances everywhere. Quite simply, I’m not used to a book selling so quickly and reviews so universally positive. I enter the home stretch today, finishing up in Kansai tomorrow and heading due West to my final venues in Okayama and Fukuoka (see next post for full tour schedule). And if you want more information about the book, the reviews, feedback from readers, and bookstores I’ve personally visited nationwide to get the book stocked, please click here.

I anticipate the Debito.org blog will return to its regular schedule of daily updates by April 3. And my next Japan Times JUST BE CAUSE column will be out April 1. Thanks to everyone as always for reading! Arudou Debito in Osaka

4 comments on “Quick note to readers: Book tour is going exceptionally well…

  • I bought the book the other day on Amazon and it should be here today. I’m looking forward to the chapter on starting a business.

  • just wondering, but i ordered the book via paypal, when should i expect to receive it?

    –I’ve been on the road (am still in Okayama), but I sent off your book a few days ago.  Should be there soon, should think!  Thanks for ordering!  Debito

  • The book arrived this morning, very please about that, and already started digesting it! Thank you verry much!
    BTW, I’ll write up a review and maybe things that could be added for future additions too.
    Very happy!


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