Hi Blog. I still haven’t quite gotten into the groove of blogging once per day, so please me punt for today (if I have any more energy tonight, I’ll write another entry) and just blog a link to an excerpt of our new book HANDBOOK FOR NEWCOMERS, MIGRANTS AND IMMIGRANTS. It came out on academic website JAPAN FOCUS about a week and a half ago.

If you want a peep inside the book’s covers, here’s the place to go! Arudou Debito still recovering in Sapporo

1 comment on “NEWCOMER HANDBOOK excerpt on JAPAN FOCUS website

  • Jerry Billows says:

    A minor point: Japan Focus does not seem to be a publication of Cornell University. What makes you think that it is?

    Usually, a journal would notify its readers if it’s affiliated with a university. As an example, Monumenta Nipponica is affiliated with Sophia University:

    Another example: Social Science Japan Journal is published on behalf of Tokyo University:

    I’m happy to stand corrected if it is, but that would mean the Japan Focus editors need to inform readers that it’s a publication of Cornell University on the e-journal’s website. I couldn’t find it written anywhere. Mark Selden teaches at Cornell, sure, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Japan Focus is affiliated with Cornell University.

    –I’m happy to stand corrected as well. Japan Focus is AFAIK basically run by Mark (in terms of webbing and editorship), so I made that connection in my writing. If Mark tells me to unmake that connection, I will. Debito


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