US Embassy: Random Gaijin Checkpoints now official Tokyo policy


Hi Blog. Let’s keep one thing clear. We, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, are going to conduct random Gaijin Card Searches of any Gaijin “visitor” (as opposed to “resident”?) we see fit. And you’re going to lump it because you can’t do anything about it. And just to make sure that the point gets across, we’re going to tell the embassies to warn you about it.

When is that Tokyo Governor’s election again? Debito in Sapporo

PS: What to do if this happens to you:

Keep Those Immigration Documents Handy

The Embassy has been advised that Japanese police and immigration officials are currently conducting random identification inspections in several different areas of Tokyo to ensure that all visitors to Japan possess the appropriate immigration documents. Most inspections occur at or near Tokyo metro stations, and the police are both uniformed and in plain clothes. To all of our customers in Tokyo and beyond, be sure to carry your key documentation with you at all times in the event that you are the subject of an inspection.

ENDS Courtesy of Pat (thanks!)

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