Mainichi: MOJ overturns deportation order, allows NJ couple to stay with child in Japan.


Hi Blog. Good news from MOJ (despite Immigration’s intent to split this couple apart). The ruling elite are indeed capable of compassion after all. Kudos. Arudou Debito in Miyazaki

Kurdish man, Filipino wife granted special residence permission after overstaying visas
Mainichi Shinbun March 25, 2008
Courtesy Jeff Korpa

KAWAGUCHI, Saitama — The Justice Ministry has decided to grant special residence permission to a Kurdish man, his Filipino wife and their 7-year-old daughter, overturning its earlier decision to deport the couple for overstaying their visas.

The ministry’s move came after the Tokyo High Court suggested a settlement in the case in which the family’s request to nullify the ministry’s order to deport them had been turned down by the Tokyo District Court.

“After the high court proposed a settlement, we determined that this would be the best way to grant them special residence permission from a humanitarian perspective,” said Justice Minister Kunio Hatoyama during a press conference following a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

As early as Tuesday, special residence permission will be granted to Taskin, 32, a Kurdish man with Turkish citizenship, his Filipino wife, Beltran, 41, and their daughter, Zilan, who live together in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture.

Taskin and Beltran met each other in 1998 while they were overstaying their visas in Japan. They got married after Zilan was born. However, the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau issued an order in 2004 to deport Taskin to Turkey and Beltran and Zilan to the Philippines.

The family filed a suit against the order, saying, “If we were deported, it would be difficult for us to live together because of religious and other reasons.” Taskin also maintained that he could be persecuted if he returns to Turkey because he had refused to serve in the military.

In March last year, the Tokyo District Court dismissed the family’s demand to nullify the deportation order, but the Tokyo High Court proposed in November that the case should be discussed with an eye to an interim solution.

The family is currently on provisional release status. They are poised to drop their appeal once they are actually granted special residence permission.

3 comments on “Mainichi: MOJ overturns deportation order, allows NJ couple to stay with child in Japan.

  • This is good news. Although the GOJ can be difficult at times, they also have a great deal of power to make a bad situation better.

    This is also a good counter-argument to those who only allow citizenship by blood and not by birth. Poor kid–she would not only have to leave her home, but would also have to leave one of her parents while their marriage was still in effect!

  • I just fixed my visa status after finding out it was 6 months expired! (my fault entirely) Overall, they were very understanding and helpful. My Japanese wife had just given birth to our 1st child the week before! I got a special 1-year visa. Scary at first, but it turned out alright.

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    always enjoy everything you do. feel i must say that. your website is not rendering well on my browser! i am using ie07. not sure the problem, but thought you should be aware. when i go to your website, there is a blank space for a while, then as i schroll down, i can see the new material. this is just a heads up. don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this.

    there is another problem, but i am too drunk to remember it! i will try again.

    –Good morning, hope your hangover doesn’t blur your vision this ayem! 🙂

    Yes, Internet Explorer is the bane of much of our existence, I’m told. Sorry. We still have hiccups after the last bot exploit, have gone through every post (all 800 of them) to find corrupted files, hopefully source of most problems solved by now.

    Glad the site is still enjoyable even under the influence! 🙂 Debito


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