Happy New Year 2019! Annual Top Ten Human Rights list forthcoming


Hi Blog. Happy New Year 2019 to everyone! May you accomplish your goals and do what makes you happy.

Speaking of, my annual Top Ten Human Rights Issues that affected NJ residents of Japan is forthcoming. Any ideas from Debito.org Readers about what should have made the list? –Debito

UPDATE JANUARY 27:  Here it is: https://www.debito.org/?p=15528

4 comments on “Happy New Year 2019! Annual Top Ten Human Rights list forthcoming

  • Happy new year to you Dr. Debito, and all readers.
    I’m glad to see you’re going ahead with this. My respect to you, as always.
    You must be well ahead of me on these issues, but I’d say that the joke effort to attract NJ talent (with all its hurdles and restrictions) is the #1. It’s an attempt to create a two-tier society that preserves the privileges and entitlements of the ‘wa-jin’ whilst creating a disenfranchised disposable underclass.
    Carlos deserves a mention. As a 1%er entitled elite living in a Japan bubble, the way J-Inc have turned on him is a parable for our times; no NJ is above discrimination and removal of human rights.
    And of course, there’s the ongoing war on truth; the whitewashing of Japan’s war time atrocities as state policy.
    And this all links in with Japan’s continuing slide down press freedom and gender equality rankings; these human rights issues affect Japanese as much as NJ, yet the panacea of nebulous concepts of ‘national identity’ continues to dull the senses of the masses to the fact.

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

    —- Thanks. Two of these made it.

  • Japan reveals its true colors should be number #1 of the ‘good news” list. We can have a Happy New year…elsewhere! (China?lol)
    All these human rights reversals in Japan that we now know about are good news, because less naive young NJs will be hoodwinked into wasting their youth in Japan chasing an illusion of a career.


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