BLOG BIZ: Semester busy-ness drawing all my energy, and US Election Day


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Hi Blog.  Just a personal note.  I’ve been relatively slow on the draw here on recently because of the busy-ness of the semester.  I usually aim for one blog post per week, sometimes two if there’s a monthly Shingetsu News Agency column in the works.

But this semester has been a busy one, what with three classes — two of them new, and one of them an elite writing seminar.  When I’m not Zooming my classes live, I’m creating the next powerpoint lecture.  And when I’m not doing that, I’m grading.  And when not that, I’m doing background research on area politics.

All of that draws down whatever writing energy I have left at the end of the day, and especially on a day like this (Election Day in the United States, which is basically Christmas for us Political Scientists), every day is some kind of teachable moment.

Not to worry: has been going strong for a quarter-century now, and will continue whenever I have the time and energy (even if that means a week or three between blog posts). It’s just that kind of a semester.  And as always, I’m open to anonymized guest authors saving me energy by giving me copy-pastable reports of things going on around them in Japan.  We’re still a venue for life-in-Japan issues.

Meanwhile, as a tangent from’s usual fare, here’s the best roundup of what to look for in today’s US Election, if you’re interested. (I think most of the world is, given the US’s hegemony.) This is excellent shorthand, courtesy of the New York Times:

The first things to watch for tomorrow night will be whether Biden wins Florida, Georgia or North Carolina. Any of these will probably give him the presidency. If he seems to be losing all of them, the country may be looking at a long night — or a long week — of vote counting, with the outcome coming down to some combination of Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Thanks for reading!  Debito

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