Writing you from Matsuyama–Cycletrek GW 2008 going well


Hello Blog.  Sorry to be so long in approving your comments.  I’ve been cycling from Miyazaki, via Nobeoka, and Saiki (Kyushu) averaging about 100kms per day, making landfall for the first time in Shikoku at that funny little peninsula jutting out from Ehime-ken.  Writing you from a youth hostel in Matsuyama.  Anticipate several more days over hills and dale, more when I get access to another internet connection.  Hope you’re enjoying the quasi-Golden Week more than I am (and I bet that in the heat of the day, when I see the mountains I somehow have to get over, you definitely are).  Best wishes, Arudou Debito in Matsuyama.

2 comments on “Writing you from Matsuyama–Cycletrek GW 2008 going well

  • Mike Gunn says:

    Yeah, come on man, give. 🙂 Do you use a Trek or Shimano? Btw, any other road bikers out there? Next time, maybe we can organize a group and tour together? A tour for the cause? Tour de Debito 09!

    –Sorry for the delay in responding. I use a Louis Garneau, French Canadian maker. Not cheap, but the best damn bike I’ve ever had.

    And a tour sounds like fun indeed! I just doubt that the way I trundle along (this GW trip averaged a mere 14.5 kph, although when I was in top condition last summer I did a three-day trip average of 19.6 kph) that people would want to hold themselves back or stick mostly to coastal roads… Debito


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