blog down for several days for unknown reasons


Hi Blog. Not sure what was wrong, but I’m afraid my blog was down for a few days for unknown reasons. No clear evidence there was foul play involved, but if you’re reading this, my sysadmin has fixed the problem, and hopefully figured out what was wrong so it won’t happen again. Sorry for the delay. Back to regular blogging… Arudou Debito back in Sapporo

3 comments on “ blog down for several days for unknown reasons

  • Grant Mahood says:

    I’m glad that everything is fine now and no foul play. Speaking of foul play, over two months have passed since American businessman Scott Tucker was murdered in a Tokyo bar for doing nothing more than being drunk and boorish and “striking a boxer’s pose.”
    Has anyone seen or read anything about it since the story ran in The Japan Times on March 13th? Mr. Tucker was killed on February 29th and according to the JT sources at the time the investigation was expected to take one month.

  • Grant Mahood says:

    Please allow me to correct my post. It was Chip Tucker, Scott Tucker’s brother, quoted in The Charleston Gazette who said that the initial findings of the investigation would be presented to a judge by the police in 20 days.

  • leitmotiv says:

    I have wondered about that myself and have heard one nugget of info since the incident died down. Please note that this should be regarded as mere hearsay, but I post it here to see if anyone else can corroborate. A friend of mine noted a short undetailed news “blurb” in an online english language news site, JT or similar, several weeks ago that the DJ in question had been released because of lack of evidence. Shortly thereafter he noted that the news link had been removed from the site and no searching could recover it. My own searching could also not identify anything like that. Has anyone else seen this article or heard anything to this effect? NOTE: Before anyone piles on, I mark my own comment as “yet-unsubstantiated hearsay”. Hope to learn more…..


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