My SNA Visible Minorities 24: “The Tokyo Olympics Trap”, on how these Games are harming Japan’s minorities, and how the IOC is harming Japan


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Hi Blog. My latest SNA column 24 is about the fiasco the Tokyo 2020 Olympiad has become. Introduction:


Visible Minorities: The Tokyo Olympics Trap
By Debito Arudou, Shingetsu News Agency, July 19, 2021

SNA (Tokyo) — On the eve of the Tokyo Olympics, let’s talk about the mess.

Much space has been devoted to the idiocracy behind spending record amounts of money on infrastructure that is not built to last, or even if it is, it often winds up abandoned. Further, holding a superspreader sports meet during a global pandemic is a surefire path to social discord and preventable death.

But it matters that Japan is hosting this mess. This column as usual will first focus on the Olympics’ impact on our minorities, and then talk about the IOC’s responsibility for scamming Japan…

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10 comments on “My SNA Visible Minorities 24: “The Tokyo Olympics Trap”, on how these Games are harming Japan’s minorities, and how the IOC is harming Japan

  • IsOverJapan says:

    In the end Japan reaped what they sowed with them and IOC screwing Turkey out of the Olympics. They both deserve this cluster****.

    Hopefully, no one (athlete or resident) catches a level of COVID that incapacitates them, or worse, causes death.

    However, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens just as much I expect these Olympics to have the lowest TV ratings of them all.

  • Amazing column! It basically covered everything that needs to be covered within a relatively small amount of text.

    „the people of Japan will be paying close attention to your every move as you participate in the Games. In the unlikely event that you are suspected or found to be in infringement of the Playbooks, such activity may be photographed and shared on social media by bystanders.”

    Great scare tactics! If I were a journalist I wouldn‘t care about this at all. I would be there to do my job as a journalist and therefore I shall do my best job, which is to report on the Olympics. Why should I care about what „the people of Japan“ think about me and my job? The people of Japan should maybe pay closer attention to what their government is doing, instead of stalking foreign journalists. Also, photographing and sharing other people on social media without their consent sounds illegal to me. Try doing this to a Japanese person and you‘ll be in trouble. But I foreigners have no rights of course.

    „ Quite, but at least now the world is getting a taste of what it’s like to be a foreigner in Japan, treated as a social bane with limited human rights that requires constant policing. The difference now is the safety valves that keep Japan tolerable—sex, alcohol, and communal activities—are also off-limits.“

    Well said. I have the feeling that Japan will get a free pass in the end though. In the end the general consensus will be that all of this was a necessary evil because of covid. Nevermind that the Euro 2020 tournament has been taking place the last 4 weeks all over Europe, with actual spectators and no draconian rules. But somehow logic goes out the window when dealing with Japan.

    „I bet this will be the last Olympics that Japan holds in our lifetimes.“

    I wouldn‘t be too sure about this. Leave it to the Japanese government to bid on the winter Olmypics in a decade or two.

  • Jim Di Griz says:

    Excellent article Dr. Debito!
    I agree that I think this will be the last Olympics Japan will host in our lifetimes, but I also think that they wanted it (so desperately!) well, now they are sure as heck getting it!
    I also agree that the IOC is such a malign entity now that with cities refusing to bid for host status, the IOC is seeking out authoritarian police states with poor human rights records as hosts who can rob the public coffers with zero accountability. Ultimately, this will lead to a situation where nations will find it unacceptable to participate in games hosted in nations engaged in ethnic cleansing etc, and that will be the end of the Olympics.

  • David Markle says:

    Chinese Champions are Targeted by Japanese
    Published: 9:46pm, 19 Jul, 2021
    “Footage of three unmasked Japanese fans approaching the Chinese table tennis team at a Tokyo airport has triggered an online backlash in China over enforcement of Covid-19 rules in Japan. In the video posted by China-based online news site Kankan News on Sunday, the Japanese fans followed the Chinese table tennis Olympians as they walked through the arrivals hall at Narita International Airport on Saturday. Two asked to take photos with the team, while the third live-streamed the scene as he approached Liu Shiwen, an Olympic gold medalist and five-time World Cup champion. The fans had masks on but had pulled them down from their faces.”

    “Is this a Japanese tactic to spread the virus to our Chinese athletes to win the events?”

    Yes it is.
    It seems only the countries that suffered under Japanese occupation in the war are knowledgeable about the true nature of the Japanese. The rest of the world is deceived by Japanese propaganda.

    • Wow, 1940s style racist propaganda much?

      “only the countries that suffered under Japanese occupation in the war are knowledgeable about the true nature of the Japanese”

      Seriously? “The ‘true nature’ of the Japanese”? So, what, Dr. Arudou’s “true nature” is to attack Chinese people? Or did you, in your fit of racist vitriole, forget that a Japanese person is a person with Japanese citizenship, without regard to race or ethnicity? Like, are you seriously going to sit there and, on a Web site devoted to debunking the very sort of thinking you are espousing, make that sort of comment?

      Dr. Arudou, I can’t believe you even approved this. If this maniac commented that the riots in America are due to the “true nature” of blacks, would you approve that too?

      Our enemy is racism, not Wajin. If you can’t understand that, you don’t belong here.

      • Baudrillard says:

        I thought the OP at least showed the level of misttrust between the Chinese and Japanese.
        Furthermore, why did they pull their masks down?

        What about social distancing?

        This should be done for the Olympics but clearly a lot of people are not bothering to do so.

        Personally if someone with no mask on approaches me, I just leave. Oh dear, how rude but come on, Health trumps “manners”

        Not that in Tokyo anyone feels obliged to anyone outside their social circle. Thus, according to Japanese norms, the Chinese athletes have no obligation to interact with (maskless) strangers on the street.

        After all This is Japan. Follow the (social distancing RULES. Wear the Mask! “Youre not a real Japanese” if you dont wear a mask?
        Or is this another J myth busted?

    • Baudrillard says:

      The fans had masks on but had pulled them down from their faces.”

      Social Distancing?
      Japanese always follow rules?
      Japanese wear masks?
      Japanese do not bother strangers?
      Crowd control/safety of athletes for Olympics?


      Darashinai, fumajime Nippon Olympics.

  • realitycheck says:

    As a society, Japan is distinguished by its appalling lack of internationalisation and maturity in the real sense and it is now 2021.
    I think some of us know that the Olympic Games is not the reason for Japan’s woeful, undeveloped approach to dealing with Covid-19. Nor for the increase in infections – just look at the fact that 43,000 Japanese returned from abroad in June and it is reasonable to guess that most of them were unvaccinated. I am not reading about this in the Japanese media.

    The fundamental reason is clear – the pathological ethno-superiority complex that runs through this society including the young generations who have not been given any balanced and true historical or social education. In fact under Abe, the shift towards the extreme right masquerading as mere conservatism has assisted the dysfunction we are caught up in now.

    Remember – Japan was supposedly going to ‘beat the virus the Japanese way’. Right. As infections increase owing to immature social behaviour that prioritises eating and drinking maskless and whining about how the Japanese are supposedly ‘tired of restraint’ and the goverment ‘is confusing them with mixed messages’, foreigners including of course those in the Olympics are being blamed openly by the Japanese politicians, public and media.

    You cannot fix such delusional behaviour when it is continually reinforced as normal. The Mainichi currently has an editorial whining about the ‘failure’ of the Olympic Bubble that asserts ‘The people’ meaning Japanese public ‘are in the middle of limiting their meetings and meals out together’.

    I guess the Mainichi lives in some kind of alternate universe because everyday we are seeing irresponsible, seflish, immature behaviour in Tokyo which is 98 percent Japanese in population. Eating and drinking maskless in cafes, restaurants and bars, Japanese people laughing and sometimes screaming while they do so. This is only one example of such reckless, selfish behaviour by the Japanese public

    The problem lies in the unwilligness of Japanese society to follow what have become norms in most countries – test, trace and isolate. Instead the arrogance of ‘We wear paper masks and that makes us better than all the outsiders’ is apprently enough.
    I haven’t seen Japanese people giving up much at all except for small businesses and part time/casual workers in all industries cruelly abandoned yet expected to pay fresh rounds of new taxes.
    Now we see the real self-centredness that is at the heart of Japanese ethnocentricism.

    It aint the Olympics Japan, it’s YOU.

  • Jim Di Griz says:

    Bwah, ha, ha, ha!
    Sang froid at MAXIMUM!
    This is the reason why Japan shouldn’t bid for these international events; they think it’s going to be a chance for Japan show the world how wonderful it is, but the reality is that it just embarrasses them by showing the world how normalized and institutionalized discrimination and human rights abuses are in Japan!
    Exhibit A; Mori (misogyny)

    Exhibit B; Sasaki (misogyny)

    Exhibit C; Oyamada (sexual and physical abuse of a disabled child)

    And today,
    Exhibit D; Kobayashi (anti-sematism)

    Yeah, these racist, sexist bigots are EXACTLY the kind of people to ‘bring joy to the world’ through the Olympics; by giving the rest of the world a really good laugh at just how insular Japan is.
    It just like the UN guy, but it proves he was the norm, not the exception!
    (And the video coz it still makes me laugh)

    • Baudrillard says:

      Kobayashi is …… known overseas for comedy series including “The Japanese Tradition.”

      The tradition of allying itself with Nazi genocide? That would explain it.


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