NEWSFLASH: 2chan Comments in Wake-Up Plus TV and Sunday Mainichi


Hi Blog. Quick notice on two upcoming media events you might want to keep an eye on, as the 2-Channel media attention steps up a few more rungs:

“WAKE UP PLUS”, Yomiuri TV, Saturday January 20 8AM
If you can get up in time, there will be a report on 2-Channel, and comments from me.

If you can’t get up in time, my comments which were aired January 16 are visible at YouTube
Comments should be the same. NTV asked for my permission yesterday to recycle them. I said sure, and added there’s a lot more where they came from.

Called this morning, got some comments, should be in their issue on sale Tuesday, January 23.

More to come. Debito

2 comments on “NEWSFLASH: 2chan Comments in Wake-Up Plus TV and Sunday Mainichi

  • UPDATE: Wake Up Plus bumped the segment thanks to the gas leak in Kitami, Hokkaido, poisoning several people, three fatally. Understood.

    Anyway, get the Sunday Mainichi. If there’s more news, they’ll probably add more pages. TV news has that disadvantage where it generally can’t add more time… Debito

  • I’d just like to say that I really admire your courage. It must be tough standing up against 2-channel, but you’re doing it. You’re an inspiration! Good luck! I’m supporting you!


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