Results of our second poll: In your opinion, is Japan an easy place to work?


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COMMENT:  As opposed to the previous poll, whether or not Japan is an easy place to live (a clear majority–62%–indicated it was), asking the question about Japan as a workplace elicited responses that were less clear.  Total 49% of 227 respondents leaned towards “difficult” or “very difficult”, whereas 31% leaned towards “easy” or “very easy”.  Of course, there are more factors at play (and less under the control of the individual) when it comes to workplace versus lifestyle.  So to me it is quite understandable that opinions would be more mixed.

Again, as disclaimers keep pointing out, this is hardly anything scientifically “significant”–just a survey of readers who wished to vote.  

Next poll:  Would you choose Japan as your permanent residence?  Let’s group the two previous questions together and draw a conclusion.  Debito

2 comments on “Results of our second poll: In your opinion, is Japan an easy place to work?

  • Poll? Poll! says:

    Debito, I believed this poll was far more important than the previous ones and deserved seeking opinions for longer periods. I knew it’s not really scentific, but I would prefer more credible result by having more people voting on it.

  • More votes might have been nice, but much more interesting/useful would be some reasons why people hold different views. This could range from type of company (J/NJ), language abilities, type of work, etc.


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