Results of our third poll: Would you choose Japan as your permanent residence?


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COMMENT:  Completing the trilogy of “life in Japan” polls, our first talked how easy Japan is as a place to live; the second how easy a place Japan is to work.  Regarding living in Japan, a clear majority–62%–indicated Japan is an easy place.  However, asking the question about Japan as a workplace elicited responses that were less clear.  Total 49% of 227 respondents leaned towards “difficult” or “very difficult”, whereas 31% leaned towards “easy” or “very easy”.  Of course, there are more factors at play (and less under the control of the individual) when it comes to workplace versus lifestyle.  So to me it is quite understandable that opinions would be more mixed.  See polls archive here.

Now, putting the two together, how about making Japan your permanent residence?  The largest number of respondents, 45%, said they were rather or very inclined to live here.  That outnumbered those who were disinclined, which totaled 32%.  So on balance (but not a clear majority), given work/life parameters in Japan, blog readers were prepared to stay.  Good.

Again, as disclaimers keep pointing out, this is hardly anything scientifically “significant”–just a survey of readers who wished to vote.  

Next poll:  Let’s deal with the recent firestorm about the word “Gaijin”, and see if readers think it is a word one should avoid using.

1 comment on “Results of our third poll: Would you choose Japan as your permanent residence?

  • Baudrillard says:

    “Permanent residence visas have a catch. You can be charged inheritance tax for assets from outside of Japan. So if you have relatives who leave their estate to you in America, you will be hit with the tax here. ”
    Any truth to this? Its a massive disadvantage for me.
    Makes me realize PR is in fact a money generating scam; ie. get money from overseas NJs but without giving them citizenship or a local vote etc.

    — As per the Handbook for Newcomers, Migrants, and Immigrants to Japan, you needn’t worry about an inheritance tax unless you have significant assets, as in from 300 million yen and up, with a pre-posthumous gift possible of up to 25 million yen per child.


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