What others do re discrim: unequal customer treatment


Hi Blog. Here’s another section on what other societies do regarding unfair or unequal treatment: The local government’s human rights protection organs investigate and make the issue public.

In this case, the New York City Human Rights Commission was notified that a Chinese restaurant was offering two separate menus, where the same items were cheaper for readers of Chinese only.

This made the front page of the NY Daily Post, with a photo of the restaurant and the facts of case in splash headlines.

Unlike Japan, where the similar human rights organ, the Bureau of Human Rights (jinken yougo bu) is all but utterly ineffectual.

Japan Times July 8, 2003 Community Page column:

Not to mention the press in Japan, if they even reported on it, would not even bother to mention the name of the restaurant, in the name of “protecting the business’s privacy”. (For example, in a recent case, the press refused to name ER English School in Kofu, which was hiring people to teach English depending on the color of the applicant’s hair and eyes. Not quite the same example of discrimination, but a good example of press treatment nonetheless.)

Thanks to Dave Spector for passing this information on. Debito in Kurohime, Nagano




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