Lunchtime Speech Mon Apr 23 at ICU, Mitaka, Tokyo


Hi Blog. Giving a speech at International Christian University (open to the public) in Mitaka, near Tokyo, next Monday. Details as follows. Debito


Institute of Asian Cultural Studies

-The Otaru Onsens Case and Racial Discrimination in Japan

Despite effecting the UN Convention on Racial Discrimination in 1996, Japan still has no laws against racial discrimination. “JAPANESE ONLY” signs are appearing on places like shops, hotels and public bathhouses nationwide.

The speaker will talk about his activities against this sign-posted discrimination, including successful lawsuits against an exclusionary onsen, and another against the the City of Otaru that went all the way to Japan’s Supreme Court. He will also discuss what this trend means for Japan’s future, both as a society with an aging labor force and as a member of the international community.

Arudou Debito

Associate Professor at Hokkaido Information University
A human rights activist

Monday, April 23, 2007

Lunch Time (12:50 – 13:40)
East Room, ICU Cafeteria
大学食堂 イーストルーム

Lecture in English
Everyone interested is welcome!

Coffee, tea, and cookies will be served

Institute of Asian Cultural Studies
Tel: 0422-33-3179 Fax: 0422-33-3633 (本館255)

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