Quick post from Nagasaki during Kyushu Cycletrek 2007


Hi Blog.  Writing from friend Chris Tierney*s (of restaurant CHRIS*S PIZZA fame) home in Nagasaki (this during Day 7 of my most recent cycletrek) to let you know that all is going well.  Have gone Miyazaki to Kanoya to Ibusuki to Akune to Nagashima to Amakusa and Nagasaki on my mountain bike.  Next stops probably Sasebo and Maebara before hitting Fukuoka and home again.  Done 548 kms so far, probably a couple hundred left to go.  Had wonderful weather the whole time, but as of this morning my luck has broken and rain is forecast for the remainder of the trip–not sure what to do now except just keep pedalling. That*s all I have time for now.  Will write again after returning to Sapporo at the end of the week.  Debito in Nagasaki.

1 comment on “Quick post from Nagasaki during Kyushu Cycletrek 2007

  • Hiya,

    It was a treat to meet you and hear your trumpet call from the woods! Hope to drink/dine with you at JALT national and share more North American cultural references!

    My blog address is posted if you’d care to read any well-written nonsense…



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