Back in Sapporo, banned from Nagasaki pizza parlor!


Hi Blog. Just a quick word to say I got back to Sapporo safely yesterday (landing from a Fukuoka flight and making my Business English class with five minutes to spare!). Am trying to get caught up on all my emails and other news from a very eventful two weeks on the road, and will hopefully have a quick report on the 768-km Kyushu Cycletrek written fairly soon.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of pictures of me being banned from Chris’ Pizza in Nagasaki!

Well, okay, he (Chris Tierney) is not really banning me. He’s just another satisfied customer of the JAPANESE ONLY T-SHIRTS available on And he’ll be selling them at his parlor in Nagasaki as well if anyone’s interested…

More later! Debito back in Sapporo

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