KTO on GAIJIN HANZAI and foreign crime


Hi Blog. Tonight’s entry (since I’m finding my Kyushu Cycletrek report harder going than I thought–a lot more to say than I anticipated) will be something I got from friend Steve this morning from the Kansai Time Out. Since KTO is not available everywhere in Japan, here are the pages scanned. All about GAIJIN HANZAI Mag and the media/GOJ’s approach to sexing up foreign crime. Hope you can stand run-on sentences…

Anyway, the article says what we’ve been saying all along for years now; glad to see other reporters agree. More on GAIJIN HANZAI blogged here at https://www.debito.org/?cat=27 (page down to see previous articles. Arudou Debito in Sapporo

(Click on image to see full file.)

Foreign Crime -- KTO_Page_1-1.jpg

Foreign Crime -- KTO_Page_2-1.jpg

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